Another wonderful film… not quite in the same league as Black Sheep, but it’s a really good Fantasy-Comedy :slight_smile: Also worthy of note is the fact that it’s currently (the first 1:52 of the morning of the 28th October 2007) in the IMDB top 250!

Looking forward to the double showing next term then.

Hmmmm … not sure it can handle a double - it should, but tragically, films of the non action/comedy genres don’t seem to work as well as doubles. Although, this film does contain both action and comedy (Arrrrrr) …

Everyone should see this film. Especially if you are in need of a hug …

The signs are good… saw it for a second time on Saturday and the odeon was just as full then as it was on the release weekend 2 weeks earlier… both the saturday 8.30 showings, both 2/3 full :slight_smile:


I have changed my mind, after the second viewage. Double showing here we go!!!