Summer 2011 Weeks 1-5 vote

Realised that we might as well kick off the semi-final vote for the first half of the summer term, so here goes! The poll will be open for one week.

Usual rules:
Vote for your favourite film from the first half of term. The best film from weeks 1-5 will go forward to the final round to face off against the best film from weeks 6-10. In case of a tie, the best film will be determined by which got the highest percentage of votes in the weekly rounds and then by number of votes if still tied.

The Week 6 to 10 poll will start after term, and then the final round following.

Is it going to be the top two from this half as per last time, or are we actually going with a one-on-one? I note the wording is very similar to the previous one :wink:

Ah yes - that was just an ignorant copy and paste. Top two films will go through.

King’s Speech and Megamind will meet the winner from the Weeks 6-10 vote in the final.

Haha… Megamind beats Black Swan, The Fighter, True Grit and others!