Summer 2012 schedule changes

We’ve lost:

*]Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (3D only)
*]Underworld: Awakening (now 3D only)
The changes to the schedule are as follows.
*]Friday, Week 2: The Phantom Menace → Coriolanus
*]Thursday, Week 3: Coriolanus → Moneyball
*]Friday, Week 4: Underworld: Awakening → A Dangerous Method
*]Thursday, Week 5: A Dangerous Method → Man on a Ledge

All films but one – those motherf***ing space Nazis – have been confirmed.


Oh NOOO! The most important one!

All cancellations and changes are confirmed, but I have had to cancel Iron Sky because it no longer has a UK release date.

:cry: It’s just postponed, though?



[quote=‘natalia’ pid=‘34695’ dateline=‘1334330453’]

Until the autumn term.

No… I don’t think I can wait that long…

Well that’s rubbish :dodgy:

Could we replace it with Cabin in the Woods?

Possibly, but don’t you think it would be more successful as the first midnight screening of the autumn term?

Personally I’d leave Cabin in the Woods to the Autumn term as I’m not sure that the Saturday week 9 slot is particularly great anyway. A slight problem is that Iron Sky will also be needing a midnight screening early in the Autumn so at least one would get pushed back to week 4 (assuming we don’t have extra screenings). I’d recommend Iron Sky as the midnight film at the end of week 2 as I think the trailer would play well to the Pulp Fiction crowd.

According to Empire Iron Sky is out this week… :shock

Facebook pageIron Sky is now informing that the release has been pushed back to the end of May - though without giving a set in stone date as yet :frowning: