Summer 2012 Week 3 Vote

A little late but here’s the first of this term’s polls. Vote for your favourite film from week 3.

It was a difficult decision between War Horse and The Iron Lady. My decision largely rested on War Horse just feeling a bit slow.

My vote was definitely between Coriolanus and Margin Call.

The eyebrows swung it to Coriolanus…

I voted for Margin Call. One of the best films I’ve seen in a while with some really interesting characters. No sign of a dvd release though. :frowning:

It’s nice to see that all the films this week have got at least one vote.

Though some of us voted for the only one we had the opportunity of seeing :-/

You didn’t have to go on holiday! :frown:

I really wanted to see the current winning film, but couldn’t find an opportunity to do so :frowning:

DVD release it will be - probably a birthday present for my Dad’s 50th, along with Senna.