Summer 2015-16 Schedule

Programming meeting in B2.01 at 4pm on Sunday 7/2/16

Here is the current draft schedule

Bring any questions, suggestions or sarcastic comments along, or post them here.

If you want something a little light and fluffy for the later end of term, Zootopia releases on Good Friday (25th March) so might be good by then.

Race, the Jesse Owens film, might also be one, but it doesn’t have a release date yet bar later this month in the US, so maybe keep an eye on it for Autumn if not now?

Is it good to have Hateful 8 and Revenant on on the same weekend? I don’t know how popular we expect Hateful 8 to be? i.e. Would it be worth swapping one of them with The Big Short?
Or am I overthinking this…

I like the look of it - yay for Bone Tomahawk!

A thought, though - I hear rumblings that Spotlight is a very probable contender for Best Picture - I fear that Monday risks it becoming another Theory of Everything or Birdman. Maybe worth swapping it for Trumbo?

Updated draft

Still need to speak to Arts Centre to avoid clashes and whatnot. Also, might be worth putting on Hardcore Henry instead of Green Room. Both are action-y thrillers but we’d probably be more likely to get Hardcore Henry, and I think Green Room might fare better in autumn next year

It looks awful. We have enough crowd-pleasing-y films with Jungle Book and Captain America at the end.

Hi, I am a first year student and was just wondering what the end row means after the suggested films for each night as there’s a few films such as the Pride and Prejudice film and Allegiant that I would like to see at the cinema.
I have a few other ideas for films which have been released this year - I don’t know if I’m too late for this but I thought I would add them to the mix; London has Fallen and The Huntsman: Winter War.
Otherwise the timetable is looking great for next term!


The films at the end are other films being considered in case we’re unable to get the films currently in the main schedule. The schedule has actually changed a bit from this one, and Allegiant is in the current draft.

The schedule has mostly been sent off now I’m afraid, but we always appreciate suggestions. Get in touch with our films officer at if you’d like to help get involved with scheduling and he’ll help you out.