Summer 2022 Schedule Draft 2

Ah dang, I believe A brighter summers day also by Edward Yang was released in the U.K.
Is it therefore eligible?

It got a UK home release but not a theatrical release from what I can tell unfortunately.

Does anyone know if forest gimp is available on 35mm?

'scuse me?

If you mean Forrest Gump, yes and the DTS sound mix in the Vietnam bit is awesome. Callum will be along shortly to be all “ugh but I hate that film and we showed it 2 years ago”.

I heard throught the grapevine that some of our new exec disagree with the existence of the two year rule so that shouldn’t be an issue :smirk:

Sounds like you need to get your hearing checked out tbh.

I mean it’s never been a “rule” as such… :eyes:

awww, forest gump was my DM shadow show, bring back some memories <3

Bit of an update so the publicity and marketing teams are up to date with what’s happening:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean and dr strange have been swapped and both are confirmed.

  • We are going to definitely try and show Coda since it won best picture, but we are still waiting to hear back if we can play High School Musical if not we’ll remove another film (most likely Cyrano)

  • About the replacement for Zootopia: we contacted Park Circus to check if Into the spider-verse was available, if it isn’t we’re opting to play the Lego Movie. (edit: looks like it’s gonna be the lego movie)

  • Also, some distributors are being very dodgy about responding to our emails, so we’re trying to chase them up but they’ve been a pain to deal with. We are going to try and chase them up as much as possible before the 10th though.


Another update:

  • Just about every distributor has gotten back to us now, and the schedule is very very very close to having every film confirmed. (See the schedule at the top for all films which have been confirmed)

  • Shawshank redemption we checked and there does not seem to be any 35mm prints available to us so we’ll have to resort to DCP.

  • Top Gun Marick isn’t allowing bookings this early so we can’t quite confirm it yet, although it should probably be fine? I’ll put an update here when I hear back from them.

  • Moana is being confirmed by Alex as to whether it is possible for the big screening, Maquia, The Lego Movie, and The Unbearable Weight we just need the final confirmation that it’s booked; we should hopefully get them very very shortly.

  • The release date for Men has been delayed last minute to June 1st meaning we’ll have to find a replacement for the double. So any suggestions are appreciated as this is very last minute. (could also move say the lego movie or minority report into the double and put a new film into the single)


The long-lost print of Pan’s Labyrinth seems to have turned up at the PCC, just sayin’ :eyes:


(PS very pog Films Officering)

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thanks for the update, VERY POG

suggestions for the double slot left VACANT because of the betrayal of MEN;

(serious suggestions)
back to back - shrek and shrek 2
a star wars film?
AVATAR if its unembargo’d yet.
addams family [35 potentially?]
back to the future triplet as an end of term funboy? (the theatre vers has won some oliviers, so might be a fun one)

(semi serious)
mummy all nighter
raw and titane back to back
more godfathers? part 2&3 back to back

(no serious)
every resident evil film you can get your grubby hands on

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It’s difficult because the last “proper” Summer term we were able to show only new releases as doubles, but maybe that’s not a huge problem. I am just still haunted by the attendances during Summer term when we only showed old 35mm! shudder

Compartment Number 6 is a Cannes film festival one which I don’t know much about, but I’ve seen trailers for it!

If we had to pick an old film for a double, maybe Mulholland Dr? Based on the fact that Silence of the Lambs did well, and also this isn’t on streaming services or [googles] anywhere other than the Prince Charles, who are apparently showing it on 35mm

I selfishly want to see Rogue One again at some point :stuck_out_tongue:


Well done with sorting out the schedule and working around the delays. In case you need more suggestions (though I think the ones given already would work), we did have 35mm prints for There Will Be Blood and The Host on previous schedules which were confirmed as available by PC in the past. Not sure how they would do as doubles though.


A lot of these are very good suggestions, but will we be able to handle three 35mm within the same week?

And some of these would probably do very well (like Back to the Future) but might be worth saving for another time, as they probably won’t do as well as they could do in the last week of term 3 (?)

Probably, but you could also swap with DCP Shawshank

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I mean tbf it’s mainly the attendances of about 8