Summer 2022 Schedule Draft 2

Hi everyone, we have finalised the second draft of the summer schedule.

Few things to note:

  • The 70mm print of Death on the Nile is no longer available in the UK :frowning:
  • We have removed Office Space because Alex doesn’t want it anymore and replaced it with X.
  • We have replaced Benedetta and DC league of SuperPets with Skyfall and Zootropolis/Zootopia.
  • John Wick and the 65 release dates were delayed so they’ve been removed and replaced.
  • Top Gun Maverick was moved to the double.

Another thing we think could happen but aren’t sure about, is moving The Power of the Dog to where Cyrano is. (And then we will put Cyrano on the previous Thursday and move Fargo to the Sunday where Power of the Dog is)

Let us know what you think, and if you think any changes should be made! (especially about Cyrano and The Power of the Dog)

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V pog! Much love <3

You’ll likely find Skyfall is embargoed just as whatever-the-other Bond-film-was was (Gold finger?) if you’re not the PCC because of the anniversary of the franchise – at the least, check with Park Circus if you’ve not already and have a backup to hand.

Normally the Big Screening is the last thing of term and I think that’s quite a nice thing to keep as a note to end on.

I’m not convinced Minority Report is double-worthy (slash it’s maybe particularly un-double-worthy), but I’m not sure what else would be? Jackass? Power of the Dog? What films do people like?

Men’s with Entertainment and they like looooooong windows before they’ll take single-day bookings so by all means go for it (and be like “this is literally the last week it could be on or it’s not going on”) but also Be Prepared™. Likewise, X might need to move depending on how they’re feeling.


I have zero interest in it so hard to gauge – is Bob’s Burgers a thing people like? Could be just squeezable-in

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I mean Bob’s burgers probably has quite a niche audience due to it being based on a tv show? So I personally am not convinced it’d do all that well. If other people think otherwise we can reconsider.

I do somewhat agree with this, but it was on the first draft of the schedule and no one had complaints. I’m not entirely sure any of the other non-double new releases would do much better though apart from maybe Power of the Dog? I’ll have to check what Zain thinks about this.

This looks really good, the only thing I would suggest is to have a backup ready for Father Stu. It’s getting fairly close to the release date now and it’s a bit odd that it’s not listed on the BBFC or the FDA website, so it’s just something to keep on top of. Regardless, good job!

Also, regarding Power of the Dog, Cyrano, and Fargo - I think what you’ve suggested is a good idea. If Power of the Dog wins a lot at the Oscars I imagine there would be renewed interest in it and being able to show it in 35mm is quite a unique point. Cyrano also hasn’t done all that well box office wise if that’s anything to go by

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What’s rationale for Father Stu anyway? It’d kinda passed me by on there but I just looked and I don’t really get it.

Ok, so we’ve switched around Power of the Dog, Cyrano, and Fargo.

Neither of us really wants to remove Minority Report from the schedule entirely, but we also don’t think any of the other films would do better in its place. So unless anyone has any ideas we might just keep it as the double?

It did look like one of the better releases which were coming out around that time (since there weren’t many good ones, especially after John Wick and 65 were delayed), although is open to be changed if people think it should be replaced.

Looks like a great schedule so far! :slight_smile:

My suggestion of a film, being released soon, that is missing from the schedule:

Downton Abbey: A New Era, distributed by Focus Features, UK release 29/04/22

This could be a potential replacement for the double billing currently held by Minority Report, as it’s a sequel of an established franchise.

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As someone who’s proposed Minority Report for 4 years now, I don’t actually think it’s worth a double :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve not shown Shawshank for a while now…

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As an aside, there’s money to be saved by being able to choose ‘economy’ publicity printing instead of ‘priority’ – the longest ‘economy’ lead time is on the loyalty cards, which is 12 working (remember Easter is a thing too) days.

Do we think there’s a possibility of having the schedule confirmed by then?

very sad at the removal of benedetta… i was excited for the lesbian nuns (although i imagine this may be an opinion held exclusively by me)


Benedetta > Father Stu, definitely imo. Neither Mark Whalberg nor Mel Gibson is a lesbian nun, dislike.


What we could possibly do is:

  • replace Skyfall with Benedetta cause lesbian nuns
  • move minority report in place of Father Stu
  • put Shawshank for the double in place of minority report
  • swap Zootropolis and Almost Famous if we need more space between 35mm showings

We’ll try to get it confirmed ASAP

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cries in yes please very pog

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee again to rain on your parade

Have an alternative ready for High School Musical too – it’s a weird one as it didn’t receive a UK cinema release (not directly a problem, but it doesn’t appear on the Filmbank website either)

Small update:
Zootopia is under embargo by Disney at the moment unfortunately, so we have removed it and are coming up with ideas for a replacement.

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Would any of Edward yangs films be eligible for a recommendation? Especially Taipei story or Yiyi

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Neither of those films have had a UK theatrical release so we aren’t allowed to play them unfortunately.