Summer 2022 Schedule Draft

Hello everyone,

We’ve got the first draft for the proposed Summer schedule ready to view here:

Just a few notes to go with this:

  • As it stands, all the 35mm films are provisionally in place. We’ve been emailing the distributor to try and get them to confirm that they would be available but they haven’t replied as of yet. Because of this, we can’t be 100% sure that they will actually be available for screening. This probably most applies to The Dark Knight (embargo for The Batman) and Catch Me If You Can (in the past unwilling to give this out), and so there may be some adjustments required. We’ll put a message once we’ve gotten a reply if some are unavailable or if they can go ahead.
  • Some of these films as it stands have very little information on them (65, Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris) and so could be changed out once more trailers/info become available.
  • There’s also a good chance more films will be added to the upcoming release schedule in the next few weeks, so depending on what is added the schedule could be updated as needed.

I hope to see as many of you as possible at the programming meeting coming later this week!
Let us know if there’s anything that immediately jumps out as an issue!


Minority Report AND Catch Me If You Can? This is too good to be true! :heart:

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Melting at Barry Lyndon, and Souvenir Part 2 as well! :heart_eyes: Great looking draft

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big fan of the draft, some might call it poggers - there might be some shows I ACTUALLY watch!! (sonic the hedgehog 2, coming for you)

thought: it looks like a lot of 35mm for an exam term, or is that just me being over-worried about the amount of work people might have to do? very pog for training if that’s the intention!! just thought it was worth mentioning

p.s. the fact there is a film called “the unbearable wight of massive talent” made me laugh far too much


Doesn’t matter to me either way, so even if the 35mmlets can’t commit to making up they can just turn up on the day and spend a “digital show” amount of time on it


@JamesCoe suggested Brief Encounter and some other stuff the other day


Looks amazing! Can’t wait for Barry Lyndon especially.

Is there still room for requests? If so can I request High and Low (1963) and/or Arrival (2016)?


Absolutely no suggestions from me; so many 35mm that would be banging for anyone and everyone. Girlfriend devastated “The Phantom of the…” ended with “Open” not “Opera” (but yay from me for golf)


hello films officers,

i would like to humbly request Pretty Woman if a place becomes available on the schedule

much love,

beloved pogchamp of the society

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Just bringing this back to the top of the page to let those who didn’t attend the programming meeting know that changes have been made following the meeting, and the schedule linked on this post has been updated.

We want a Mummy all-nighter.
The mummy, the mummy returns, the scorpion king, the mummy tomb of the dragon emperor, the mummy.
It would be so pog.


There is a 35mm print of The Power of the Dog, potentially relevant should it end up winning 5 million Oscars


65’s been moved to 2023 release which frees up the 19th June


Same with John Wick chapter 4


Pain. Thanks for bringing this up though