Summer films

If you need help deciding:

The Dark Knight:

The Incredible Hulk:

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull:

Sex and the City: The Movie:


How about Prince Caspian???

Whoever votes for sex and the city over the dark knight should be shot!!! And George you have lost some major cool points for even putting it on the same list.

George before this post 8)

George after this post :slight_smile:

Oh and the only way you can get them back is by helping me obtain a pack of joker cards for the Dark Knight publicity. Kinda like what you did with Casino Royale publicity.

I thought about it but I couldn’t see it winning the vote. I’m actually quite looking forward to it (although I gather that most people aren’t). :frowning:


If I put it on I lose cool points with Aiden and if I don’t I lose cool points with Helen. Who knew forums polls could be so controversial.

If you had put Prince Caspian on you would have lost major cool points with Jimbob. “Narnia is a poor man’s lord of the rings”.

It’s amazing how often i’ve heard that said!

Yes now lets compare an apple to an orange ! :roll:

Personally i’d go with the apple, but Lord of the Rings would always be my preference ahead of the Narnias… more my kinda thing!


It’s amazing how often i’ve heard that said![/quote]

I personally have a preference for Lord of the Rings; however, the films have only a couple of things in common: the genre (fantasy/heroic fantasy), the filming location (New Zealand), and the fact that they’re awesome.

If anything, one might say Narnia is a Christian’s Lord of the Rings. And even that is pushing it…

Hmm. I’m not really sure. I only kind of liked Lord of the Rings and got rather sick of the hype. I enjoyed Narnia for being a bit different.

Having said that I’m more likely to rewatch Lord of the Rings than Narnia I think.

Pierre wrote:

George wrote:

Yeah. I think Narnia is a bit different and has more heart-warmingness. I could watch that again and again whereas I’d probably get bored halfway through any of the Lord of the Rings films (if I saw them again too soon).

God, I can’t use quotes. :frowning:

Wall.E is beautiful. I want one. He’s way qewter in this trailer:

so is the lamp.

[size=7]Also… anthropomorphism covers robots too apparently, and Gods and ‘natural phenomena’, not just animals. I got bollocked for asking that in high school english, so I thought I’d put it out there for anyone else who is a little bit curious. I know what you’re thinking, but personification only applies to abstract concepts. Apparently. Geekiness over.[/size]