Summer Schedule 23/24 Draft I

OK so, final message from me pre meeting.

This is probably getting into the picky side and should probs be verbal over this but consider this a note to self for later but. With my limited knowledge of films and having watched the trailers. The week 6/ 7 chunk have 4 films which I think can be broadly generalised to the Same category - shooty shorty action shit. While some seem more varied-i.e 80s wlw k stew, Ryan Gosling Comedy offering etc I can’t help but think is there a better way to spread this genre out so people who don’t like those sorts of films aren’t missing out on like 2 whole weeks of FilmSoc? Haven’t looked tooo deep into ‘safe zones’ n shit cos I always get confused about them but yeah. again, it’s been said we have limited slots so covering broader bases like subbed films, diff genres I think is nice instead of 4 action back to back. Though I do understand the desire to Make Money :))

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SIKE - having more thoughts. Sorry a lot of it seems to be placement based now so yeah.

  • If we’re adamant on keeping the 4 actions as they are that ive mentioned above, swap the single/double for each week round. LLB > Civil War imo and Fall Guy> Thelma and Louise Imo.
  • Why is IF a double? I really don’t think it would do that well
  • SWEET EAST Thanks Cerys for joggin the brain. GET AYO ON SCHEDULE NOW!

have we lost love lies bleeding?

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!!! I just thought this too

don’t know if this is a little late but definitely back princess bride, possibly could collab with warwick fencing on that one? i know the social sec (also it’s a classic and would be a lot of fun)
would also support fallen leaves, monster, evil does not exist, tree of life if we have space but i don’t know how well the first three would do

Can we look into re-adding the MOSAIC slot?

I get not doing Good Will Hunting but they are open to suggestions and they still are very eager about collaborating - we would end up giving them the Wednesday slot that week if not and it would be good to avoid overworking crew during exam season.

(either way, suggestions for films about the intersection between mental health and maths are welcome)


am I right in thinking that they’re also keen for it to be on our pub? They’ve been really supportive of us so might be cute if we can help them.

Am I getting the vibe that we’re Deliberately Avoiding clever-man-has-a-breakdown things like A Beautiful Mind and Pi?

(fwiw the GWH print is gorgeous so no complaints from me if it does happen again)

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Yeah, I’m not against GWH myself and out of that genre (theme?) it’s probably the best option - would be nice to have mosaic on pub

I think so, I suspect that’s not the vibe they’re going for. I personally would love A Beautiful Mind but have no objections to Good Will Hunting and it probably fits the mental health awareness week better. I do agree as well that ideally it should be on pub.

Other thoughts:

  • I’m not a massive fan of the Phantom Menace being on there. We played Empire Strikes Back a while back and it didn’t do that well and I think that had way more pull than the Phantom Menace does. I also don’t think the tie-in with May the 4th does much for it considering it’s exam time

  • Aladdin and Finding Nemo prints are both gonna be super hard to license properly so I would heavily back Hercules or Tangled over them.

  • Also it might be late for new suggestions but if a slot opens up I think we should consider Io Capitano which is a foreign language film that won the Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival and was nominated for an Oscar.

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Back this! Didn’t clock that it had a release date!

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I very much back this so if we could not Wednesday it if possible, she has more of a chance of succeeding. Including a banner on a2/a4 is also an option for this if we can confirm in time, and maybe if they’re interested in a booklet halfpage/full page to promote id be happy to oblige :))

Also backing this!

Schedule has been updated with a few changes:

  • swapped Clue for The Princess Bride
  • swapped Heathers and Love Lies Bleeding to give the double to LLB
  • Paprika is on, subject to availability - will aim to get this confirmed by the end of the week in case we need something else
  • went with Hercules over Aladdin/Finding Nemo
  • not sure where to put GWH, if it’s not a wednesday we’ll have to take something off, any suggestions would be good. I’ve highlighted Origin in red as one that could go if everyone supports that
  • suggestions for what to take off to have lo Capitano pls

That’s all the updates I have made, feedback would be great. Also 35mm people, does the distribution look good? Any concerns regarding the amount and stuff like that?


hello i am 35mm people - looks great to me! weeks 1-2 and 4-6ish are my exam weeks so the fact that there’s coincidentally no 35mm those weeks is perf and means i can be more useful. @KieranHall will probs be picking up a lot of slack though so my opinion is less important but here it is anyway


OMG I can’t believe I bumped into you here like this! What’re the chances!?

Ye, looks chill to me – thank you so much for checking in <3

Theoretically 70mm should work well bc the projectors can just be left as 70mm post-Oppy but probs worth dropping @AP92 and/or @resbh a line.


i back GWH instead of origin

  • I don’t back removing Origin from the schedule. At the programming meeting I asked for ppl’s thoughts on the film/whether it should stay on the schedule and the general consensus from the room was that ppl wanted it to stay on. It’s also both directed by and stars black women and explores some interesting/important subject matter so I think there’s value there.
  • Could drop one of Monster or Perfect Days instead as there might be a bit of overlap there
  • I think there’s a better rearranging that can be done to get LLB a double as it is now 2 weeks after when we’ll be able to get it - could put Heathers back to W8 S, then LLB to W6 S & Civil War to W6 F
  • If Paprika/GIIS aren’t available we could do Millennium Actress as the anime option
  • Heat or maybe Pri Bride might be better on the double over the anime option that we end up being able to get?

As in, bc they both happen to be Japanese-language or is there something I’m not seeing? I got the vibe that they were rather different films?

I don’t really understand why Monster and Perfect Days overlap; one is a mystery thriller and the other is a meditative piece about a toilet cleaner – they have both received a lot of acclaim and popularity so it seems weird to drop them over Origin which doesn’t look like its getting the same attention and is also a much harder sell

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Can we try keep GWH in week 4 as that’s when mosaic want it to tie into?

If we can make space for Io Capitano I really back it too.