Summer Schedule 23/24 Draft I

Hey Everyone, here is the first draft of the schedule for term 3. We have put some options for 35mm and digital films below the schedule, do let us know which ones you like or if you have any other suggestions to fill in the empty slots.

Just a couple of notes:

  • Term 3 has a weird structure. Essentially weeks 1-3 are normal, weeks 4-7 have a single show on Friday and a double on Saturday and weeks 9-10 are normal.

  • As always, we want as many opinions and thoughts as possible on the schedule, you can have your voice heard by coming to the Programming Meeting on Wednesday (21st February), commenting on this thread or emailing us at

Yoooo. The first of probs a few contributions hehe. (The caveat for this one is that im tired pre work so I haven’t had time to fully research stuff).

I don’t have many ops on placement as of rn - will do by the meeting tho probs. However, some suggestions from the ‘hey here are the new films’ website to potentially fill the gaps with new releases if poss. Not sure what is in the release window and also what it might potentially kick off currently as obvs there are fewer slots and if there’s a stronger option that is either a 'we play it in last few weeks or not at all. So yea, disclaimer over. Not dying on any of these hills rn.

(also pls can you add the subbed stuff on so we can see were deffo covering that base)

Props where it’s due!

  • Love lies bleeding! I had no idea this existed but women!!!1 k stew!!! maybe upon researching the Saturday for that week we could maybe swap to make LLB a double but again, too early for me to die on a hill llol.


  • Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire - I acc liked the new reboot lol so I feel like there could be space for it somewhere, even if just a single

  • Wicked Little Letters - idk the trailer seemed ok and National Treasure Olivia Coleman saying the c word on the red carpet was enjoyable to me.

  • Disco Boy- idk the poster had pretty colours

  • The Trouble with Jessica - idk again, I see nice poster, I like

  • Anyone But You? - I know this is a long shot and I have said in the past id rather die than let this be scheduled but a bitch can change her mind so mayyyyybe if poss we could have it? Unsure if it has as big a draw now but consider the folks are enjoying Sydney Sweeney (we won’t talk abt Madame Web lol)

  • Tiger Stripes - idk much about this but it has a website, nice poster and says Cannes somewhere


If Black Cat, White Cat is definitely gettable then I can reach out to that society again and tell them we can do that - seems like a cool out-there choice regardless!

I agree with Sophie on Wicked Little Letters, always good to have some British independent films on, and honestly Anyone But You would probably do well lol, Tiger Stripes also looks very good if we can get that.

I was also thinking, and maybe it’s too late now, but Fallen Leaves was a really good film which we missed last term but ended up getting a lot of hype post-release, might be worth putting it on? I can vouch for it being very good at the very least.

Also, if we can put on a film for MOSAIC between 13th and 19th May (their suggestion: Good Will Hunting but we could suggest something else back to them which fits the theme) that would be great and save us having to put on a last-minute Wednesday screening for them.


The Persion Version looks at worst inoffensive and I think probably hits a few marks we’re not hitting so much already?

Sceptical of the Raiders print – iirc isn’t it “faded but just about playable”? (afaik the original prints are on Eastman/Kodak SP print stock, so they sorta fade to brown-ish rather than red so it makes sense if it’s not beetroot colour but it’s probably still Quite Ugly). I think you two also had reservations over Clockwork Orange previously? I think I’ve been its defender but I’m not super convinced people necessarily want Ultraviolence in exam time? (would be happy if people have opinions to the contrary, but idk it just feels quite term 1 coded in the same way that Beau Travail did last term 3, though I’m conscious of the fact that the outcome of that was that we never did it).

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Right, now time for my big pitch:

If we’re doing Dune Pt. 2 on 70mm, I’d also like to do the 1984 David Lynch Dune on 70mm as well. I feel like this might be an uphill battle to convince The People but, :sparkles: consider :sparkles: :

  • We did it in 2021 and basically nobody came, but ALSO important context is that it was “Danger To Life Do Not Travel” snowstorming at the time and we showed it on a Sunday when everything else was shut and there were no buses, against the advice of Community Safety (were they still Campus Security back then?) so I feel like it didn’t get a fair go of it.
  • Also, I think our 2024 audience is both much (much! we haemorraged so much cash that year) larger, more into Weird Stuff and more into film-on-film (especially 70mm) than our 2021 one (or even last year’s one) was and idk even if it really conservately gets like 30 people that’s not that bad.
  • The print/rights are with Lionsgate, previously they let us have it for typical 35mm price AND paid for delivery to us so it’s not a big outlay financially (:money_mouth_face:) nor a big slog to get the print here.
  • I do think its worth doing in its own right As A Film (if only a silly novelty film, sorry Dougs), but also Pointon and I wanna try and properly fix the wow-ing mag sound over Easter (now that Lawrence went well enough as a proof-of-concept that it’s mostly repaired) and it’d be useful to have a term 3 mag print to soft-launch it with before we bet the farm on something in term 1 when we’re setting expectations and showing people their first ever 70mm.
  • I’m happy to project it and the projectors will need converting for New Dune anyway if they’re reasonably adjacent
  • Idk I just feel like it’d be Fun

could we maybe not do cinema museum stuff in t3? or at least reduce to one (1) special one? obviously it’s expensive bc we have to pay separately for delivery and i feel like it’s not fair to need eric to make london trips during exam season - and we should probably be trying to save money in t3 so maybe time to pause cinema museum for a while?

not sure of the rationale behind any of the prints we’ve got from them so if any are particularly special then there’s probs a case to keep them but if they’re just Standard Prints of Standard Films then maybe we can replace


Fwiw, if you want an animated Disney film on film then iirc/afaik Park Circus still have a small handful – Hercules (honey you mean HUNKules) was one that almost happened at one point a few years back oh god this is like half a decade ago now aaaaaaaaa.

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peppa pig’s cinema party pls


yes!!! hard back on Hercules over the two options listed

I am also a fan of not making Eric have to speed in his print taxi. :point_up:

things i second:

  1. wicked little letters.
  2. fallen leaves potenshially
  3. Alan Smithee’s Dune (pending price confirmation - i’d be remiss if i didn’t express hesitation at paying 390 for it :saluting_face:)

things i’m a maybe on:

  1. good will hunting (we showed it autumn 2022/23)
  2. hercules (purely based on the limited schedule size for t3)
  3. anyone but you (will have been out for at least 3 months by the time we show it and will probably be on streaming)

additions to conversation:

  1. pls pls pls The Tree of Life (i will personally market it + cover whatever is needed to break even if ppl don’t show up)
  2. of those on the list, i’d strongly back Heat, Her, Akira, Tampopo (might not do so well, but cinematic value :sparkles:), The Lighthouse
  3. would probably switch Fall Guy with Thelma & Louise to make Fall Guy the double.
  4. hesitant on American Soc of Magic as I’ve heard very mixed things, but it’s very early in its release schedule to be making judgements i guess


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couple more new releases which would be good:

Evil Does Not Exist

The Sweet East? Saw somewhere it was getting a 35mm release too but I’m not 100%


i would love to see the tree of life, i back this one. her, akira and tampopo i think would also be funky cool films to show - literally all 4 of these are on my watchlist and have been for a while

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would love whiplash and/or sound of metal. maybe some more horror/thriller classic bc i think the schedules generally lack horror. also if we still have the oppenheimer print (question mark) we could reshow that which would almost certainly do well (plus i still havent seen it yet and neeeeed to watch it on 70mm)

edit: ooh nvm just saw oppenheimer for thurs week 10 :star_struck: :yum:

i back wicked little letters for the exact same reasons, plus british indie films are always good to have

  • I back fallen leaves, but not particularly sure if it would do well
  • Strongly back Raiders of Lost Ark, think would attract a crowd. I know it’s cinema museum and makes it expensive, but it could do very well
  • On A clockwork orange, while I agree it does not really match term 3 vibes, i do think it’s the sort of movie we have an audience for. Eyes Wide Shut did quite well and a clockwork orange appeals to a similar crowd
  • I think boogie nights is a very good film for the schedule, and sort of goes with the term3 vibes ig
  • I would love for Whiplash to be on the schedule(Please). It’s very popular and has had a resurgence recently. Even if people have seen it before, I think they are likely to come watch it in a cinema, just for the experience. Could be a very good double imo
  • Heat on 35mm, amazing film, quite popular and doing it in 35mm would make for a very good experience
  • In bruges is a good option, Banshees has highlighted it a bit more and people might be interested in watching it, but not sure
  • Her, Memento, A few good men, tree of life are all very good options

Have a few thoughts on a variety of the films and will detail those below. However, I’ve have to say that it is a great first draft and it has some really solid choices for both prints and DCP. Some of my thoughts:

  • I would personally support Ghostbusters and Wicked Little Letters as some good choices for new releases.

  • I am heavily against anyone but you, it feels like an odd choice to show a film in term 3 that we could have put on in term 2. Plus by the time we show it then it’ll be about five months after it released and as it is already on streaming, I do not think it will have enough pull by then. Further as the term 3 schedule has a lot less films than term 1 and 2, I think we should prioritise better and remember that we do have a limited amount of space on the schedule. Especially considering the number of films that have been suggested, I really do not think this should take priority over other suggestions. I think we should just learn from the mistake of not having this put on term 2 and have this in mind for future films.

  • Personally I back he Raiders print, I am no expert on prints so provided it is in good condition, we can get it without spending to much and we aren’t expecting Eric to just do it in the print taxi then I would fully support it provided we have people who can/want to project it.

  • I am so so so in favour of doing the 1984 70mm print of Dune. I think all of Kieran’s arguments are great and I agree with them all. Plus my personal view when it comes to 70mm is that I will tend to side with those who will be projecting it as I have heard how stressful it can be. So, if Kieran is keen for it then I fully support it.

  • I fully back having Whiplash on the schedule, I think it is a film that deserves to be on the schedule as people have been talking about adding it for years from what I can tell, plus in a cinema the sound will be phenomenal, and I think that it would certainly draw in a comfortably large sized crowd.

  • I fully back both Heat and A Clockwork Orange, especially if we aren’t gonna have any horror on the schedule. We need at least one ultra violent film each term in my eyes and I think A Clockwork Orange would be the best choice.

Overall, we have some great options. I am just conscious of how small the term 3 schedule is, so I think we need to make some important and difficult decisions for what we decide to cut and keep.


I just think we should consider the news that Anyone But You is now the highest-grossing live-action filmed Shakespeare production of all time

(You have to specify live-action or it gets beaten by Gnomeo and Juliet)