Summer Term 2008/09 Schedule

Suggestions are open for the summer term schedule. Please vote for the films that you think we should be showing next term by going to

If you’ve got any comments about why we should show a particular film, then this is the place to be heard.

This is a useful page to find out what films have been/ will be shown:

You just have to avoid release dates that are associated with festivals and computer games.

My suggestions:

vicky cristina barcelona
the day the earth
rachel getting married
the reader
revolutionary road
benjamin button
slumdog millionaire
ive loved you so long
the wrestler
7 pounds
yes man
the spirit
gran torino
the international
the baader meinhof complex

Kathryn’s suggestions look good.

I’d also add:
Punisher: War Zone
The Watchmen (although I’ve already added this one as a suggestion for a double screening in the other thread).

When is the latest film release date we can get on the schedule by the way?

I’d consider Role Models too.

I can’t believe I forgot that. Me and Natalie saw it last weekend. It was good.

Have we had Bedtime Stories yet?

‘The children’ as a midnight.

I’ve suggested Pathology (with Milo Ventimiglia, Heroes’ Peter Petrelli), which I think would be a great midnight show. He plays a trainee coroner whose peers let him join the twisted games they play, murdering unsuspecting people in creative ways and bringing them back to the morgue for some after-hours autopsies. What’s not to love about that?!

And also Lakeview Terrace, which was out just before Christmas but I never got the chance to see - did anyone else?? It looked good enough in reviews, and it’s got Samuel L. in it so you knoooow it’s good! Empire called it his most heated performance yet.

So . … votes? :smiley:

[quote=“OPR”]And also Lakeview Terrace…

So . … votes? :D[/quote]

I’d like to see Lakeview Terrace on the schedule.

You’re damn right.

ooh and maybe hunger.

I think the sprit and role models would be good ,particularly as the latter is a comedy and features larping.

I was also wondering if we could reshow the incredible hulk,seeing as it was played at the last all nighter and might therefore draw people in as a stand alone film

Kathryn’s list looks good, the one I was really rooting for was “Revolutionary Road” apparantly its incredible, I will go and see it when I comes out :slight_smile: Was “The Reader” on there as well, I forget? Apparantly thats also very good :slight_smile: xxx

yup, s’on there, rachael.

rob also thinks that Marley and Me should be on there. in case you haven’t heard of this, i’ve added a link so you can see exactly what kinda films rob likes. HAHA rob:

(please tell me march is too late :-))

Chasey K… that sort of comic genius will not get your essay written :!:

Thanks Kathryn! Marley and Me sounds like a nice choice. How about “Margot at the Wedding”, was that any good? I remember wanting to see if and not getting around to it, has Nicole Kidman in it xxx

also, nick and norahs infinite playlist.

I second Kathryn’s suggestion of Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist!

as a girly film…either bride wars or he’s just not that into you. don’t know if either is any good, though?? but, you know, if we wanted to add some cheesy rom coms :slight_smile: although i will admit they’re probs not gonna be too popular :roll:

also, how about the tale of desperaux?? that any good???