Summer Term 2011

Hi gang,

Gots a draft schedule for y’all…

Constructive comments welcome!
(If you haven’t heard of a film, e.g. The Beaver, then please check it out on IMDb before slandering it)[/size]

Captain Films

Looks good. A few suggestions of films that might be worth considering in order of quality:

Sucker Punch: Crazy in an awesome way. (1st April)

The Rite: An Anthony Hopkins horror film about possession. It’s been getting a fair bit of publicity in America at the moment so I imagine the same may happen here in about a month. (25th Feb)

The Eagle: A film adaptation of Eagle of the Ninth (an adventure story about Romans). (18th March)

Faster and Drive Angry: Car action films starring The Rock and Nicolas Cage respectively. Drive Angry in particular look completly crazy. (25th March and 25th Feb)

Not arguing too hard for any of them to be on the schedule with the exception of Sucker Punch (presuming its not too late). I’d probably even suggest it for double screening in fact.

Haven’t had a chance to look at all the films on their but Gulliver’s Travels looks dropable to make space.

I kind of think Hereafter should be on a double. It is directed by Clint Eastwood after all. Maybe instead of the Tourist which was a bit disappointing.

I kinda set 4th March as my cut-off for things being ‘too late’, so I’m aware of The Eagle and Sucker Punch, but have left them for Autumn. I wasn’t fussed about Faster, but again it’s past my cut-off, and I thought I read somewhere that it’s 3D only…

The Rite and Drive Angry are high on my reserves and may well find a slot.

Gulliver’s Travels actually looks alright from the trailer I saw at Christmas, and has been popular in voting, so I’m gonna leave it in.

And yes, that’s a good point about Hereafter and The Tourist. I had been thinking about dropping Tourist to a single since it’s been quite widely panned, but hadn’t worked out what to boost in its place, and that trade makes a lot of sense, so thanks :slight_smile:

Looking pretty good :slight_smile:

I have a few quick questions first, and then a few of my thoughts:
*]Are we not going to show a film on the Tuesday night in week 1? Term starts on the Wednesday, so everyone should be on campus by the Tuesday evening :slight_smile:
*]Similarly, are we not screening another ‘The Tempest’ in Week 10? Everyone should be exam free and there’ll be plenty of the Crew not doing London stuff on the Tuesday, so a screening could be quite nice :slight_smile:
*]What’s the closest to the release date that we’re ok to show films now? I seem to recall you saying something like 2 months, rather than the 3 that it used to be?
*]My personal preference is also to retain the double screenings across Sundays and Tuesdays in weeks 6-8 - there should be plenty of people available to cover the additional shows (that’s me offering my services as and when necessary for those three Tuesdays I guess!.

The only other films that I would consider (in much the same way as George’s proposals) are:
*]How Do You Know, since its got a good cast. It’s coming out next week, so we should be able to evaluate if it’s a hit or a miss prior to final scheduling :slight_smile:
*]Gnomeo and Juliet - such a good cast of voices that it must be in with a shout.
*]The Company Men - another good cast (real acting this time!), not bad reviews and a decent chance of linking up with another soc on a joint event.
*]World Invasion: Battle LA could be worth a shout - looks very ‘Independence Day’ meets ‘Transformers’ with a little ‘War of the Worlds’ thrown in for good measure :slight_smile:

Out of fairness, I have to suggest some slots I’d be willing to lose to incorporate all of those, so I’d go with:
*]Gain one slot from Tuesday Week 1.
*]Potentially drop off Gulliver’s Travels (because of the ratings and the Orange ads!).
*]Somewhere went almost nowhere upon release in December, though I’d prefer to see that replaced with Of Gods and Men, which has had rave reviews and was another big winner at Cannes behind Uncle Boonmee.
*]Turns out that I can’t find more things I’d rather see removed, so I’d have World Invasion: Battle LA as a reserve, possibly just behind one of George’s car action flicks!

But yeah, in Summery (get it? it’s the summer sched… …i’ll get my coat) I’d say it’s looking pretty darned spiffing (once the Tuesdays are re-filled!) :)[hr]

Apologies for some of my questions looking ignorant - wrote half of this before Owen’s reply and then didn’t refresh the forum before finishing my message!

  1. That’s true about the first Tuesday - after you and Ed mentioned it in Exec, I removed it, but will now refill it. With Gulliver’s - it really has proven (relatively) quite popular in votes, so would be a farce not to include it.
  2. I considered this, and then decided not to because of Outdoor Screening pressure. I’ll ask at the next proj meeting I attend what their thoughts on it are, since it’s usually proj which is harder to staff.
  3. Tis indeed 2 months, so whilst my cut-off seems somewhat arbitrarily early, I felt that it was fair considering that I’d filled it up to that point in chronological order. It also corresponds to the approximate release of the ‘latest’ film on the Summer 09 schedule, Watchmen (6th March).
  4. Again, I’ll confer with proj. The Breeze did pledge to cover as many shows as needs be once his exams are over, but I don’t wanna put the pressure on too much. But they will likely be restored.

How Do You Know was on my first draft (the one above is ~third), but it didn’t seem to get the votes, so I put Blue Valentine (a less conventional romance) in its place.
Gnomeo and Juliet looks rather naff, Rob! Really? I know it’s got some big names, but the trailer I saw looked frankly embarrassing. It is on the reserves list though.
Company Men and World Invasion are again later than any of the other films on there, so I haven’t fit them on. I’m also conscious not to steal too much from Autumn cos even though they’ll be 7 months’ old by then, there does seem to be a bit of a lull in releases until the end of May.

Of Gods and Men is in reserves. I want Somewhere to stick, as I was pleasantly surprised with its voting success.

Cheers for the input and compliments :slight_smile:

[quote=‘OPR’ pid=‘31482’ dateline=‘1295811308’]

  1. That’s true about the first Tuesday - after you and Ed mentioned it in Exec, I removed it, but will now refill it. With Gulliver’s - it really has proven (relatively) quite popular in votes, so would be a farce not to include it.[/quote]

Yeah, I think that’s my bad - I didn’t make the connection previously between Term starting and people being there beforehand because I don’t recall a non-Monday start to any term ever!

[quote=‘OPR’ pid=‘31482’ dateline=‘1295811308’]
2. I considered this, and then decided not to because of Outdoor Screening pressure. I’ll ask at the next proj meeting I attend what their thoughts on it are, since it’s usually proj which is harder to staff.[/quote]

Fair enough, but I’ll quite happily commit to projecting it (if nobody else is interested) since it would be both the last regular screening of term, and not need making up!

Yeah, seriously - it’s not likely that it’ll be a huge flop with “that many” big names. Personally I’m more intrigued by that than I am by Tangled which looks like regulation Disney princess stuff. (Though rather well rated on IMDb!). Fair enough with the cut off date for the others - I guess they can be drafted in if we lose things - it’s a shame thought that April’s strong and then early summer is so poor - i know it follows the kiddies migratory patterns, but some of us would like good films all year round!

No worries - it’s looking pretty good :slight_smile:

Is The Way Back released too late for inclusion? Or don’t you think it’s gonna do well? :expressionless:
It got 5 votes on the jingamathingy (which isn’t that much but still…) and is a fairly big new release (with Colin Farrell and Jim Sturgess)

It was released on Boxing Day over here, I just didn’t really think it would fly that well with Warwick kids. They don’t all fancy Jim Sturgess like you do, Petey :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=‘OPR’ pid=‘31487’ dateline=‘1295822665’]

Ugh. It’s getting released this Wednesday in France. I guess I’ll just pay to see it :stuck_out_tongue: (though it looks set to be pretty big here. And has a cool imdb rating)

I shall abstain in terms of film choice (as you all know how amazing my taste is), but shall chip in to support continuing Tuesdays for the whole term.

Otherwise, looks cool, Chief of Films! :slight_smile:

I agree that Somewhere should remain on the schedule, and I hope that you can find a place for Of Gods and Men because it will be ripe for screening after awards season.

I’m a bit out of touch with the latest films, so I can’t really say much one way or another. Just one thing - are you sure 127 Hours should get the two screenings? I would’ve thought a lot of potential viewers might be put off by whole amputation bit. Though, it might just be me.

I’ve been following a few more releases of info (new total film and reviews) and agree with George that Sucker Punch does look not only screening worthy, but possibly double worthy - I’d be tempted to put that on the double in week 10 and move The Tempest elsewhere.

And yes, I’d still get rid of Gulliver’s travels - all 4.7/10 on IMDb, 21% on Rotten Tomatoes, 2 stars on Total Film and similarly bad Empire review worth of it :!:

Draft number 2:

A few things have simply moved (largely to make Thursdays weeks 1-5 the place for indie and foreign films), but additions/removals:

  • Of Gods and Men has replaced An Ordinary Execution
  • Drive Angry has replaced Gulliver’s Travels
  • The Rite has replaced A Serbian Film

In response to Tristan and Rob’s comments:

  • 127 Hours should definitely retain its double billing - it’s hot on awards , and currently is the 3rd most popular film by votes in our poll (excluding LOTR).
  • I’m definitely not denying Sucker Punch a double screening, I’m just saying that I think it can wait until Autumn; there is a lot of other stuff released well before it that I have tried to squeeze in there, which may well fare worse if left til after summer, but still deserve to be scheduled.

I understand where you are coming from but my concern is that Sucker Punch will probably get a lot more people than The Tempest. If we lose 50% of the audience because we’re showing it late then that’s costing us quite a lot more than if the Tempest got held back. Alternatively, could the Tempest be dropped onto a single screening to free up the double slot? Isn’t something being scheduled for Tuesday week 1?

Aside from that the changes look good.

Oops, forgot about that! Okay, I’ll shift some stuff and get Sucker Punch in.

Why did A Serbian film disappear? There was no negative response to that on here… I don’t think the police are registered :shock

Other than that, I agree with George that it’s shaping up very nicely indeed :mrgreen:

:slight_smile: Awesomeness.

I think either I Spit on your Grave or a Serbian Film needed to be dropped otherwise both midnights would have been about rape and sexual abuse… :shock

This is what the reshuffle looks like:

Essentially, Wednesdays and Thursdays have all shifted up by one to fit Sucker Punch in. I have also juggled 127 Hours, King’s Speech and Black Swan about so that 127 Hours falls into the exam period rather than Black Swan, as I think that this will suffer less as a proportion of its potential audience.

A Serbian Film was cut largely because of the reasons George has put forward. I may still be swayed to fit it in on Saturday week 5, but I don’t want to put too much of a burden on crew. It would boost my number of foreign films though, which currently standing at 3 does not gel with my reputation :frowning:

Any further comments, please post here in attempt to make the PM as quick and efficient as possible!

Where’s Gulliver’s Travels gone? :wink: