Summer Term 2012 Suggestions!

The suggestions are now open!

I may well have been fighting to get rid of the suggestions page at the exec meeting - but the will of exec has spoken and so here it is!

I’ve made some to start us all off - some far more controversial than others…

For reference (and I guess why it was being discussed) last term I compared the total votes to attendance using the Spring 2011 films as a sample. I only got a pretty weak correlation:

The two outliers are Harry Potter and the Social Network. A zoomed in plot of the data other than these looks like this:

On a less controversial note I’d suggest The Artist as a double. I saw it in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago and it was really good. Plus it looks like a good shot for the Best Picture Oscar (and it’s a foreign film :slight_smile: ).

It was in reference to your graphs that I brought the point up.

If we do show The Artist, we are not giving any refunds!

What do you mean “if”?! :shock

I was thinking the same thing. :-/

A few more suggestions:
Margin Call: A drama about the start of the economic crisis. Great cast and apparently very good
Shame: Starring Michael Fassbender as a sex addict and Carey Mulligan as his self harming sister. Could well pick up an Oscar nomination for Fassbender.
J. Edgar: A biopic of J. Edgar Hoover. DiCaprio stars and Eastwood directs.
War Horse: Got to be a double I think. Good film and did well at the box office.
The Descendants: Clooney drama. Clooney looks like he’s got a good chance of getting Best Actor for it and it’s in with a shot at Best Picture if The Artist slips up.
Chronicle: A horror/scifi where three teenagers get super powers. Trailer looks really cool.
Carnage: Roman Polanski’s latest.
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance: I know a lot of you guys don’t like Nicolas Cage but it’s being directed by the people who did Crank and the trailer looks fun.
Contraband: Action/crime film starring Mark Wahlberg. It’s been doing quite well in America from what I hear and comes out here in March.

As a suggestion: “the most chilling ghost story of our time:stuck_out_tongue:

But Daniel Radcliffe… :frowning:
And it’s gonna be crap compared to what is the most shittingly scary play EVER!

Yes to all of those so far.

Now the controversial:

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

Now just before you start to see red - how many worse films have been shown at this cinema? How often do we get the chance to schedule a star wars film? I think the attendance will not be that bad - it is star wars on the big screen!

On a similar vain: I think we should be showing Beauty and the Beast and Titanic.

Looks like Brass Soc have spammed the page with this - Brassed Off

Perhaps a potential collaboration?

I’d agree with showing them but I guess it depends if we can get them in 2D. I guess Beauty and the Beast should be ok since Lion King was but not sure about the others.

Depends if they’d actually come in large numbers. If it’s 15 people who represent a large group who want to see it then that might be viable. Just as likely it could be only 5 people who want to see it who’ve got a couple of friends each to vote for it…

There’s also a suggestion for a little pearl of a movie. I’m gonna throw my full weight behind it!

An alternative that has been suggested over the last few days is to remove the voting aspect of the suggestions page. Instead it could just be a list of films that people can add suggestions too. That way it would still allow different views and participation from our wider membership but would avoid the controversy that comes with voting.

As far as the summer term goes, I got the latest copy of Empire today with a few relevant reviews:
The Woman in Black got 4 stars so actually sounds like it might be pretty good.
Carnage also got 4 stars (no surprise here)

A couple more suggestions:
The Muppets: Pretty self explanatory what this is.
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: It’s about a young boy whose father (Tom Hanks) dies in the Twin Towers. The kid then goes on a search through New York to find out what a mysterious key belonging to his father opens. Not sure about this one to be honest. I’ve seen trailers at the Odeon for it and it has come up in Oscar discussions (currently 5th most likely to get Best Picture according to betting odds). However, reviews have been a bit mixed so far.

How can you tell that it’s BrassSoc (other than a fair enough assumption!)?

It is worth emailing them though :slight_smile:

And I agree with showing Star Wars I. Might be in the “bad” trilogy, but I think it would still get a good attendance.

Here are a few more that I’ve not seen any links to in the thread so far:

A Dangerous Method - starring Keira Knightley and Michael Fassbender.
Martha Marcy May Marlene - this has been getting quite good reviews and stars the Olsen twins’ little sister.
Underworld: Awakening - just topped the US Box Office.

Were any of the following suggested at last term’s programming meeting? They have accrued 14 BAFTA nominations altogether.

The Help
My Week with Marilyn

I believe The Help and Moneyball were. They both got put on the reserve list though as there was concern that, while they’d been successful in America, they might not appeal to a British audience. If they get enough attention at the Oscars though that might help them.

In Darkness as a foreign film? Other than A Separation it’s the only film nominated for the best foreign language oscar with a UK release date.

Wow! That sounds just like Hugo set in modern day New York!

[quote]How can you tell that it’s BrassSoc (other than a fair enough assumption!)?

It is worth emailing them though

And I agree with showing Star Wars I. Might be in the “bad” trilogy, but I think it would still get a good attendance.[/quote]

Neil (the proposer) happens to be my house mate!

Here’s a provisional set of ideas for a Summer Term Schedule based upon the suggestions so far: