Summer Term 2013 Suggestions

You have a 7 pm seminar on a Wednesday?

I’ll put one together over the weekend.

If it were the autumn or spring term, I’d have no hesitation rearranging them. However, since there will be a decline in attendances after Week 5, I think the single slot in Week 4 is more favourable than the Friday double in Week 6.

I’m afraid so.

Yep. The Institute of Teaching decided 5.30p.m. - 7.30p.m. on Wednesday was the perfect time to hold (one of) their compulsory sessions for the IE3E2 Secondary Physics Teaching module. Adding salt to the wound, it’s over by Westwood.

As for Wreck-It/Broken City, fair enough, that makes sense. I might personally ponder then swapping This Is 40 with Wreck-It, but I’m guessing you’ve good reason for This Is 40 being where it is (it is the pseudo-sequel to Knocked Up, after all.)

Owing to the nature of the posts following Tom’s post above, I have split this thread and created a new thread, “Attendance discussion”, in the Crew Discussion forum:

I shall summarise below the content from the split posts that is relevant to this thread.

I believe the main suggestion for next term was to make Hollywood release better films!

I thank all those who attended the programming meeting for their contributions.

Here is the provisional schedule for Summer 2013:

Suggested free films for members:
*]The Sessions
*]Beautiful Creatures

I approve of this new schedule.

Silly question, but why is Inglorious on the week before the other Tarantinos, rather than in the slot currently taken by Gangster Squad?

It’s my preference: after seeing Django last week, and intending to watch all three next term, I’d like to watch Inglourious before Django. It’s still a Tarantino mini-season, which is the main point.