Summer Term 2019 - Suggestions

Hi all,

It’s (a little belatedly) time to suggest films for next term! We’re currently hard at work putting it together, but as always we’d love to hear any suggestions anyone may have!

We have our programming meeting booked for Wednesday, Week 7 in Ramphal Building, R1.04, from 3 - 4pm. But if you can’t make that, this is the next best place to suggest your ideas to us.

Feel free to post any film you think could be a great addition to the schedule below. This can be old or new, anything that comes to mind really!

Here is a copy of our current draft schedule, which as always is subject to change: SUMMER 2019 WSC SCHED - Google Sheets

Our wonderful new films officer, Nazish will be taking over the role from next week and is ready to hear your thoughts too!

You can also post any thoughts you have into the ‘filmsuggestions’ channel of the FilmSoc slack.

That’s it for now, suggest away!

Lots of love from your humble films officers, Josh and Alice (for the final time!)

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How about Pink Floyd: The Wall in 70mm?

Three Identical Strangers!

Lilo & Stitch for the big screening! Or… Chicken Run?

Blazing Saddles !

Also, a ‘Leslie Nielsen’ marathon: Airplane , the various Naked Gun films…

A Hard Day’s Night!

The Truman Show!

I’ve drawn a blank so far, but I really really really want the Roma 70mm print. Even if we can only have DCP, something tells me there’s a few Oscars headed it’s way. Pink Floyd is (appropriately, perhaps) pink, though.

If we want 35mm, all the Leslie Nielsens are in 35mm. I think Blazing Saddles may well be too.

I saw a preview of Instant Family and liked it. Not sure it’s a massive Warwick draw, though.

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I’ll throw out some of my favourite classics: Catch Me If You Can and Minority Report (with good Tom Cruise) are great.

Coincidentally, I saw some old cinema ads recently with Leslie Nielsen essentially playing his character from Police Squad which were quite fun. Sneaky link for the curious: Fraud Squad - Operation Undercover (Red Rock Cider advert) #1 - YouTube

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Second Minority Report!

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Third Minority Report!

(Catch Me If You Can was at the DiCaprio AllNighter)

Showing films on Fridays throughout term could be a cool thing

Plenty of other great suggestions here, I’d like to suggest Withnail and I.