Summer Term 2020 - Draft 2

Hello Everyone!

After a really productive programming meeting, we are ready with our second draft of the 2020 Summer Schedule. You can have a look at it here.

Here are some the of key takeaways and rationales for changes -

  1. As requested we have removed Richard Jewell and replaced it with True History of Kelly Gang.
  2. Sonic has been moved to a double and Fantasy Island is off the schedule.
  3. We have moved No Time To Die to Friday Week 2, despite that only being 4 weeks from its release date, as a potential. We have emailed Universal about getting it early and if it doesn’t work out we will move it back to Friday Week 4.
  4. As discussed during the meeting, we considered getting Memories of Murder, a Bong Joon Hoo film, considering it to be a Parasite bump. Unfortunately we have been unable to source the same and have hence managed to get The Host (another Bong Joon Hoo film) for Week 3 sunday.
  5. Legally Blonde 3 as a film has (no trailers or promotional images have been out yet, same for a UK release date) hence has been removed from the schedule.
  6. Lovebirds too lacks a UK release date hence it has been removed.
  7. Fast and Furious 9 has been moved to a double due to a lack of doubles. Any suggestions here would be appreciated a lot.

Please go through our schedule and give any and all views you might have. Josh and I are still learning our way around :blush:

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Please please please, anything other than F9 on that double (Saint Maud? Promising Young Woman?). The last one (and I’ve heard rumourings about how you can explain this away because it was “too old” – it wasn’t because it was 3 days later than you have it here) got 14 people, the one before that got 9 etc.

I love it! And I love all the points you made above they all sounds good. I definitely think it’s a good idea that The True History of the Kelly Gang has made it into the schedule. Great job guys! :smile:

On the whole there is much love from me though <3

OMG Elena now I look like I’m copying you!!

Hehe just too much love

Forgot one thing! Misbehaviour has been moved to Thursday and Bacurau to Monday by request. Sorry!

This seems like a fair change, Aryan was sceptical about a double too. I’d be more inclined to make Promising Young Woman a double out of those two

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Also, I believe there are nice (well you’d hope anyway – Kermode keeps going around introducing it) 35mm prints of the Elephant Man knocking around still if you’re interested and are able to do a bit of shifting to have a slightly larger gap (even just swapping with Lady on Fire or smth). Partly selfish because I’m a big fan of black and white 35mm.

And yes I know there’s a 4K restoration too! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a lot for the feedback everyone! We have an updated draft with the requested changes for the dates. Please go through it and let us know what you think -

So great :heart_eyes:

This looks so great guys!!! My only points of concern is Fast & Furious being on the schedule (if you look at attendance for the past few F&F films it hasn’t been great and it is not a film with any cinematic worth). Other than that I think it’s pretty perfect – I love the selection of 35mm and appreciate the amount of foreign cinema on, too. :heart: I’ll also always pitch EMA [s] and Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, also I just found out Colour Out of Space (2019) is a thing and I think it would look ridiculous yet magnificent on our big screen???