Summer Term 2020 - Suggestions 1.0

Good day to all

The time has come for the first iteration of the schedule for next term! It’s the final programming meeting with me as your Films Officer (is that applause I hear), and this will be a brief meeting regarding the general attitude towards this schedule. The right to finalise this schedule rests upon my successor and the future executive. Best of luck to them. As always, we want as many opinions and thoughts as possible on the schedule, you can have your voice heard by…

  • Commenting on this thread!
  • Emailing me at
  • Coming along to our programming meeting on Wednesday 22nd January from 14:00 to 15:00 in A0.23 Location Of Meeting
  • Bumping into me on the street. Say hello!

And now without further adieu, the schedule…

The Link: Summer 2020 Proposed Schedule

Cool notes from the meeting: Meeting Notes

Thank You & Catch Ya On The Flipside.
-Nazish Malik

Apologies all! I’m having a little trouble with my (expired) OneDrive and notice that the uploaded schedule is missing one of the last edits I made to it where we had the movie “Antlers” on the schedule and the position of the Spongebob movie and F&F 9 swapped!
Also included is the schedule strength sheet.

erm… you’re missing Legally Blonde 3

Wonder Woman 1984 after a fortnight isn’t happening. Did you read the release date as 6th May or something?

I also can’t find a release date for Tel Aviv on Fire (looks kinda interesting though) – did you find something on this I’m missing?

Had another look; you’ve also suggested:

  • Fast and Furious 9 after three weeks, or four with the revised version (four could be OK)
  • The Spongebob Movie after four weeks, or three with the revised version
  • The Whistlers after four weeks

These seem a tad early to me (I don’t know if you know, but the dates-of-Monday are a week out). If we work first on eliminating the impossible so that we know what can be on, then it makes the coversation about what should be on just that much easier.

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