Summer Term Schedule 2017


Take a look at the proposed schedule and post any comments you may have.

A Silence double is gonna make for one long night - I feel for the late show proj!

It looks good to me - may it be worth changing LEGO Batman for Fifty Shades Darker? Based on past showings, students enjoy LEGO a lot more than poorly-crafted S&M, and I think it might make for a more popular double. What does everybody else think?

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Hey does look very good - couple things;

Can we not do Split as a Double? Think it has got a lot of publicity and supposed to be very good, think it would do better than Manchester By The Sea or Hacksaw Ridge?

And agree with Reece about swapping round Lego Batman and Fifty Shades (if anything dont show Fifty Shades at all?)

Couple of other films that would be nice to see on there:

  1. Underworld: Blood Wars
  2. Gold (with Matthew McConaughey)
  3. Power Rangers
  4. Sing (Animated film)
  5. Lost City of Z

Obviously don’t want them all in necessarily just look quite good?

But good work Jacek :slight_smile:

I think we shouldn’t do Silence as a double. It’s the first Scorcese film in a while to make less than its budget in the box office, and its publicity has been significantly lower than many other films. Split would probably do better.

I would agree with the Lego Batman over Fifty Shades as well…

It might be worth doing weekend (Friday and Saturday) films during exam season, as people do come for breaks, especially if they are working/had exams. I don’t think getting stewards, DM’s and proj would be difficult, seeing as though we used to do the exam period as normal weeks.

If there aren’t enough films for each weekend, then maybe just fill in week 9. The only reason why we did Friday and Saturday Week 9 and not the whole week left year, was that the exam season was pushed back a week. Might be worth checking to see whether it is planned to be this year.

I have not looked at the films themselves though…

Lego Batman and Fifty Shades Darker looks like a clear swap to me.