Tales From Earthsea

This is the new Studio Ghibli film (for those not in the know - home of Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away, and Princess Mononoke); and although the reviews have generally been that it lacks Ghibli’s particular magic, I imagine it could be a popular choice as an AllNighter animation. It’s based on the Earthsea Quartet, by Ursula leGuin (again, for those not in the know, they are a relatively famous fantasy quartet). Running time 115 minutes, so it would, I guess, be one of the longer ones; but where it might not be a draw in itself, it might work in an AllNighter.

I know the Arts Centre is playing it this term, but they might let us have in for an AllNighter?


Not sure about this. I mean, I really love the Earthsea books, and they are true sci-fi classics; but I was quite let down by the American adaptation into a mini-series.
Also, it is a Miyazaki, but not the father (who did the three films you refer to and many more including Kaze no tani no naushikaa, and my neighbour Totoro, which I both heartily recommend), the son - and it is his first film.
Still concerning Gedo Senki/Tales From Earthsea, wikipedia has an interesting entry on it here
Especially about Ursula Le Guin’s reaction.

Again, I have not seen the film myself, but would not be in any way drawn towards it after seeing the trailer/doing a little research about it first [even though I was v. excited when I heard about it, back in the times when I was a Ghibli geek]

If you are looking for a suitable animation film, I’d personally recommend moving away from Miyazaki, just for the sake of seeing something else - either still in Ghibli with the excellent Grave of the fireflies (most moving film ever, despite a slow start), or even with non-Japanese animation - with the pollution-concerned Wonderful Days.
You can even move away from Asiatic animation (that could be really interesting, but maybe not in terms of viewing figures), in which case there are two really well-done French animation films (go figure), Les Triplettes de Belleville which is more sort of a dark comedy, and Kirikou et la sorcière which is an African tale, but more aimed at children.

Dear god P thats an awfully long post !! :lol:

Rachel is anyone particularly pally with the Arts Centre

who might persuade them to give us Earthsea ???

I have heard very little that is good about Tales From Earthsea, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t be a good AllNighter film - which Grave of the Fireflies, wonderful as it may be, will almost certainly NOT be (as well as being almost impossible to get hold of, I would imagine). AllNighter films don’t have to be chosen on artistic merit, I just think that having an Animation is always good for AllNighters, and Studio Ghibli films tend to have a better reputation than others.

I can’t believe I’m promoting a film that has recieved hardly any praise, but I have a feeling it might be a strong support to the Bourne as headliner. Also, I have already spoken to a couple of people at the stall who mentioned it and were eager to see it.


I am still thinking we should check again for Princess Mononoke for the allnighter - the copy was not in the country last time we wanted it, it may be in this time, worth a check anyway…

Tragically, Tales from Earthsea is apparantly only available as a DVD :frowning: … this leaves the eternal question of what to use as an AllNIghter Animation - a classic? If we could get Mononoke, that would be awesome, but I’m a bit sceptical.

On another note, we could try and get the lady godiva film … ?


On another note, we could try and get the lady godiva film … ?[/quote]

Seconded! :slight_smile:

Is that an animated film ?

The only Lady Godiva film I could find was ‘lady Godiva Rides again’ which sounds like a cheap Carry On remake !

Did I miss something :?:

[quote=“Will”]Is that an animated film ?

The only Lady Godiva film I could find was ‘lady Godiva Rides again’ which sounds like a cheap Carry On remake !

Did I miss something :?:[/quote]

If that’s the one, then we should do it as mystery…

The inner (and outer) brat in me wants an animation; but I am not going to grumble, when other people i.e. ‘Rachel’ are working hard to find alternatives.
x x :lol:

If the age of the film is irrelevant (as suggested by the Princess Mononoke idea), then we could show Monster House… it is actually really good! We didn’t show it last year, and I reckon it would do quite well at 6am, just like Cars did.

Oh no, I would never suggest we AVOID an animation.

We could have them both :slight_smile:

Actually the art centre only got a dubbed version of tales from Earthsea. So it seems to be a good idea for us to get a subtitled one.

Subtitles aren’t that great an idea for an allnighter; it’s just a bit of an added strain on the eyes at 4am!

The maxim for foreign language films: “Always go for subtitled, unless it’s an animation at the AllNighter.”

Early questionnaire results seem to imply almost unanimous support for subtitles although I take the point about dubbed being better for the Allnighter animation film as it will be a bit late.