Term 1: AllNighter Vote

Which was your favourite film from this term’s AllNighter?

My opinion on this has already been voiced elsewhere :smiley:

I have cast my vote, but as an aside I’d like to thank Rob for his choice of Mystery Film - it may not quite have been a preview but I think it was excellent AllNighter material, seeing as I probably wasn’t going to see it at a commercial cinema (but was vaguely curious) and could doze off in the second half without feeling that I’d missed out like I did with Coraline…

I went for Funny People. Wasn’t really expecting to enjoy it (especially after the trailler) but it turned out to be really good. More a drama film with some laughs than a traditional comedy. It has to be my favourite Adam Sandler film (I know that doesn’t say much) and my second favourite Seth Rogan film (which says a lot more as only Superbad would beat it).

You’ve not seen Punch-Drunk Love have you. Watch it, love it and then hate every Adam Sandler film 10 times as much because you know he can be in a decent film and give a great performance.

I’ve not seen funny people but judging by how much I think I’d like it, each film at the allnighter was better than the last. Leon was disapointing though, I really like it but imdb overhyped it for me.

:o I saw Punch-Drunk Love about a year ago. I found it interesting and different but didn’t really get into it (at least not as much as I did with Funny People).