Term 2: AllNigher Vote

It was a great AllNighter this term. Which film will win in the poll though?

That list of six is worthy of the termly semi finals!

Congrats to whoever chose them :wink:

Really tough choice this week. I enjoyed all of the films but ended up voting for the mystery. Good choice Rob. :slight_smile:

Admittedly I only was able to stay for one film (Zombieland- which I voted for) but had seen all the other films before, with the exception of Serenity. Next all nighter I will actually go ALL NIGHT!

Did you ever find your tie?

There was a red tie in the Secretary’s tray tonight, so I guess someone found it… :slight_smile:

Hmmm… voted for Up because it’s awesomeness. But it was a tough choice, especially when up against Serenity!

Yes thanks! Planning to pick it up today providing I can get in there (still don’t have a key).

awesome lineup - annoyed I couldn’t make it! :frowning: