Term 2: Week 10 vote

Last vote of term. Which will win?

Wow that was quick - hijacked the new publicity officer again!
Anyhoo - in terms of viewing figures there’s no contest! (Is there, Nat? :wink: )

Sadly, no. Though that doesn’t stop Madagascar 2 from being unadulterated pants. Admittedly I haven’t seen it, but sequels in these types of films are always inferior to the predecessors, so this will be an inferior version of an average-at-best film.

Or is this just a pun on there being no Contest any more? :?

Madagascar 2 was actually quite cool! I’m not sure how much I remember the first film of the series, but I think the second instalment is better than the first!

Madagascar 2 is definitely better than the first. I’d like to atribute that to the increased exposure of the penguins and Julien the XIII, King of the Lemurs, undoubtedly the most likable characters.

Madagascar 2 is nowhere near as good as the first! You are talking madness.

Before this goes off topic completely, Mat has opened a new poll here.
It’s poll madness. It’s. Poll. Sparta.

Oh dear. I leave the country for a few days and look what happens…

George, i’m afraid that after this particular vote, i have very little faith remaining in filmsoc kind :frowning:

I voted for Maddy ! It’s great!