Term 2: Week 2 Tie-breaker

For the first time ever we’ve had a tie in the weekly vote! :o To decide which film will win we’ll have a tie-breaker vote between the top two films. The poll will last for 3 days (ie it should finish at about 1:30pm on Wednesday) and then the winner will be decided.

I feel a kind of dedication towards these polls from you :slight_smile:

well he’s found a reliable way to increase his postcount.
Can’t believe Saw V didn’t win :roll:

I may have to abstain.

I’m liking the progress being made thus far in this re-vote :slight_smile:

May??!! I deffo will. James please tell me you voted for Man on Wire in the whole poll. It may restore my faith in humanity that there is still some hope. Still some good people on this little blue planet we call home. That there are people who are willing to make a stand and do what is right, rather than what is easy.

Two abstentions. :shock:

I hope someone new votes for one of these two otherwise the point of the tie breaker will be somewhat defeated.

If it restores any of your faith in humanity Aiden, it’s quite likely I would have voted for Man on Wire if I’d seen it. The films I saw that week were average or poor so it wouldn’t have had too much competition.

Of course I voted for Man on Wire.

Wahey… the voting period is over and we finally have something that Mamma Mia didn’t win :!:

…erh. It’s not over quite yet. It’s got another day and a couple of hours to go.

Oh darn :!: Ah well, it’s tied again George… what’re we going to do?! Please can everyone boycott Mamma Mia on the grounds that High School Musical was much more popular at Warwick :?: :!:

Looks like it’s still a tie. :frowning:

I guess they’ll both have to go through to the end of term vote.

Next time make it a bowtie.

Mamma Mia fails to beat dodgy film about a dodgy porn film… I can just see the headlines in the Boar now :lol: