Term 2: Week 3 Vote

Which film will win the week 3 vote?

(I wonder how long it takes for someone to point out I’m posting this a couple of hours early…)

(I wonder how long it takes for someone to point out I’m posting this a couple of hours early…)[/quote]

takes the bait Hang on! You’ve posted this a couple of hours early!!!
Star Trek, with no contest there!! :slight_smile:

I have to confess to not voting for Star Trek as I didn’t like the direction they took the franchise. Not much else to choose from this week though. :frowning:

This is a bit of a one horse race, isn’t it?

Why did I alone vote for Knowing? :?

Because it is a terrible film, which I wasted 2 hours of my life watching and then several more making it up so other people could waste 2 hours watching it!

Because of the Cage.

Err… Some people actually like Cage? Well, I understand why my review’s been edited now :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to have to disagree. I actually quite like Nicolas Cage when he’s in the right role. He’s great in Face-Off. Not bad in Adaptation or the Rock either. He does seem to have a bit of tendancy to do shit films though which is a shame.


That is not what you said nearer the time. You said you thought Knowing was a bit above average because you liked the unexpected bits which were a tad surreal.

I’m glad you didn’t name Ghostrider as one of his shit films - it rocked :!:

I didn’t mean that Face-off, Adaptation or the Rock were shit. They’re the exceptions (I quite like Gone in 60 seconds and Ghost Rider too but I think I’m in the minority with those). Too many of his films have been of the calibre of National Treasure or Bangkok dangerous though.

I was just reading the Times article (already linked to elsewhere on this forum) about the 50 biggest movies of '10, and this quote seems strangely appropriate here:


You can defend the Cage all you like, but I saw as much as a possibly could of World Trade Center, and same again of the Wickerman remake - two films which should never ever have been made. Between them, that’s probably a good 45 minutes of my life wasted so trying to pretend he’s not that bad is like spreading icing on a turd.

The only film Nicholas Cage is even slightly good in is Lord Of War.

I had forgotten Lord of War, I do actually like that film, it is an anomaly though!

I love how this vote has turned into how bad is Nicholas Cage!!

To be fair though I believe those are two of his worst films. Bad enough that not even I’ve bothered trying to see them.