Term 3 films

So what films are everyone most looking forward to this term? Personally I’d go with Until the Devil Knows You’re Dead and Cloverfield (with perhaps the guilty pleasure of Rambo).

Err… The Bucket List and No Country for Old Men. Although talking about films, I am still shocked that yourself, Seb and Jimbo have never seen The Iron Giant. It is a disgrace!!

I wanna see Juno which I have not yet seen !!

Am not sure about the other titles except for Sweeny Todd although I have seen that.

Don’t know about the rest but I am sure there’s bound to be a few hidden gems ! :wink:

I really wanna see everything in week 4! Yes, including the Zombies… oh, and there’s a certain screening in week 10, on the tues, that should be pretty awesome!

I’d have to say I’m Not There and There Will Be Blood.

I really want to see Juno and of course that wonderful week 10 bonanza!

Enchanted was amazin! And L’auberge Espanole has to be brilliant, just has to be.

It is. Really. The sequel is not that brilliant though.

yeah, well, les poupees russes was nominated for considerably fewer awards and I haven’t seen it so I can’t pass judgement, I’ve only seen the first one without subtitles and it was still amazin! (That might have had something to do with Romain Duris though… perfection)