Term 3: Week 1 Vote

It’s a new term so it’s time to start a new set of polls. Vote for your favourite film from week 1.

This is a real toughie!
Well, except for DTESS, that’s an automatic disregard.

I even liked The Day the Earth Stood Still (although not enough to vote for it).

I’d have to go for Burn After Reading with Lakeview Terrace and Role Models a close second.

Could we have a RON option next week? :stuck_out_tongue:

Pierre have you actually seen The Wrestler? It’s one of the best films ever made.

Timecrimes better be here, I really want to see it!!

Why are we not showing the wrestler?

I gather the Troys say we can’t have it as the Arts Centre want it. Someone on exec will probably know more though.

Its rather annoying as I was really looking forward to it. :frowning:

oh thats a bit of a pain. you’d’a thunk the arts centre would have mentioned something, twits.

From their website the arts centre is not showing it! So wouldn’t have been able to tell us! But we still can’t have it!

but it does look like they are showing baader meinhof at exactly the same time as us - hope that gets pulled as well! :S

and the che’s

Heh. We have the print for Baader Meinhof so no problem there.

I have to agree with Aiden about the Wrestler. Its probably the best film I’ve seen since the Dark Knight. (Time Crimes looks like it might be good too). However, I gather there are distribution problems with it at the moment. :frowning: