Term 3: Week 3 - Vote!

Well, week 3 is proving to be a surprisingly good one here at wsc - fingers crossed for tonight :!:

Now, I wouldn’t usually do this, but in light of the fact that George asked Pierre to (and the forums aren’t working on the computer that he’s at!) I thought I’d take the initiative :smiley:

You can’t put the poll up before we’ve shown My Bloody Valentine!
Also, George asked me not to put Bolt as it was shown earlier this term…

Seems like I can.

Correct, he asked you not to put in Bolt as an option :!:

“Seems like I can.”


Haha. Rob the renegade :wink:

I was very disappointed by Milk.
Jim Carrey gets my vote, as ever!

tough one :? but bolt - just cos of the cat and the hamster :smiley:

Has to be Milk for me as the only other film I’ve seen was Bolt…

Likewise. Quite gutted I missed Yes Man. I think it might be his return to form. Cable Guy stays in my mind as a reminder of how unfunny he can be. I couldn’t bear to watch it to the end. :cry:

And Liar Liar. Pfff.

Boooo! I like Cable Guy; positively cringe-y. In a funny way.

Controversy as Milk wins again… it’s just like the Oscars :roll: