Term 3: Week 4 vote

I’m back and I’ve got a new poll for you all.

An easy vote considering how many mingers we had this week…

Not too hard for me either as I’ve only seen one of the films. :?

For the first time for one of these polls I haven’t seen any of the films.

I haven’t seen any of them either - I’m voting in the shallowest way I know - pretty people :slight_smile:

This is the closest poll we’ve had so far. 2 votes for each film at the moment. :shock:

It’s one of the best weeks films and i too haven’t seen a single one :?

:frowning: I’ve only seen one of the films and it wasn’t even at FilmSoc.

But it wasn’t at t’Arts Centre either.

Not that you even need to mention that, as nobody goes there… do they Natalie :?: :!:

nervous laugh

Mildy “grrrrs” in response to said nervous laugh.

I was wondering what sort of punishment we should lay upon those who attend screenings at the arts centre?

How about tolerance of such an understandable mistake? :smiley:

In what way is such a breach of trust understandable? Next thing you’ll be defending MPs expenses :stuck_out_tongue:

Come onnnn… One of us wandered out and said “So this is the Arts Centre then?”

A likely story :shock: