Term 3: Week 4 Vote

Time for the penultimate vote of the year. Which was your favourite film?

There’s a Morgan Freeman film :!:

Though I’ll accept if you vote for the Clint Eastwood film instead :wink:

I voted for the Lovely Bones- god that made me cry :cry:

What? But The Lovely Bones was way too long and linear! Though the acting was amazing, admittedly.
For me it’s a toss-up between Invictus, which is kinda my film of the year, and The Princess and the Frog which was simply amazing.

I agree with Pierre about the Lovely Bones, I got bored and I was projecting so could ignore bits, it was far too long. I did think that the murderer was good though.

I’ll third that. Good acting and directing but just too long for the amount of story in it. It’s a shame really as I think it could have made a really good 80-90 min film.

(Worryingly its still the shortest film Peter Jackson has directed in over a decade :shock).

I was gonna say - what else do you expect from a Peter Jackson film?!

Invictus got there in the end - an 80th birthday present from Filmsoc to Clint Eastwood.

And Morgie is 73 today. Two true vets of cinema!