Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins

Apparently Christian Bale will star in the three new terminator films which makes them look a bit more promising.

On the other hand the director is called McG. :? I’m always suspicious of directors who give their initials instead of a name. It makes it easier for them to hide from the lynch mobs when the film is released.

The news article is here:


I’m not so sure myself to be honest… i think there’s a bit of dead horse flogging going on there!

McG? He did The O.C (the tv series) didnt he? Cooool!

He also directed Charlie’s Angels and its sequel.

Coolios. Should be good. :slight_smile:


He also directed Charlie’s Angels and its sequel.[/quote]

Coolios. Should be good. :)[/quote]

All I shall say is… hrmmm :shock:

I have to agree with Roberto here and say hmmmmmm

I agree with Rob, that is almost as shocking as the Bingo suggestion for a social. Oh btw thanks Nat for the fedora. I have a leather jacket at home so all I need now is a whip and to annoy a hot evil wench.

Not too sure at how good Bale will be at playing John Connor. I think he is better suited to a Terminator role.

I’ll have to fourth the hmmmmm

technically you’re only thirding it as Aiden never said hmmmm

He hmmmmed in spirit though.

Nah it wasn’t a hmmm it was more of a :shock:

Definitely more along the :shock: lines :!:

I think I’d quite like to add a :shock: to my hmmmmmm

By the way helen, i do like your chicken avatar :slight_smile:

Where are everyone (well, Sarah and Helen) getting these moving avatars from?

I don’t know… i’ve asked Sarah several times, but she didn’t tell me… i can’t blame her… i’d like to keep them secret too :!:

it’s a secret i shall never tell!!!


I’ll have a second a. Always follow the Brummies, that’s what I’ve been told.
Anyway, for some reason, I don’t really see Bale there… ah well, if it can draw in the masses :roll: