The 25 Greatest Action Films Ever!

Gareth Ward please note that Aliens features in this list whilst Alien does not :D. No prizes for guessing what number one is!,,20042607,00.html

Nice list - Good to see Speed in there near the top too :slight_smile:

How did Gladiator ever get above Saving Private Ryan?

Good question. I also think Predator should be be in the top ten! But hey all the movies are awesome. Especially the Seven Samurai.

How did they ever get only one of the Die Hards in the top 50

As I understand it:
[list]*]Alien - Good horror
*]Aliens - Good action
*]Alien3 - Bad horror
*]Alien: Resurrection - Bad action[/list]So, logically, Alien can’t be one of the best action films because it’s a horror…

I was touched by the prescence of Robin Hood - no guns, no car-chases, just good 'ol fashioned death-by-archery, and what-not.

And SAving Private Ryan and GLadiator are both too long and too boring!

Gladiator is only too long because of all the mushy stuff in the middle third… the beginning and end sections each warrant the high placing in this list :twisted:

I’d also like to see Lethal Weapon higher than 24th. It’s not in the same league as Die Hard but it is a good action film nonetheless. Highlights include Mel Gibson jumping off the building while handcuffed to the suicidal bloke he’s just managed to talk out of jumping…