The A-team

…(is going to be) coming to a big screen near you!

And what’s better is that it has got the rather wonderfully ass-kicking Liam Neeson signed-up already :!:

I’m intrigued as to see who’s going to fill Mr T’s boots…

Any good ideas anybody?

Hmmmm… Michael Clarke Duncan from Scorpion King and Sin City?

How about the big bad Vampire - Raze - in the first underworld film?

This chappy here:

I also like the way that he’s written for both Marvel and DC Comics :slight_smile:

And The Green Mile of course.

Ving Rhames (MI, amongst other things.) Or the guy from 30 Rock (Tracy Morgan)

And now there’s a new trailer out - with a flying tank :!:

An (almost) topical A-Team video:

But it’s not coming again :frowning: