The all 00's Allnighter

A few years ago we had great success with the All 90’s allnighter (the mystery was American Pie). Now with the 00’s practically over, I thought it might be a good idea to have an all 00’s allnighter. Anyway here’s my suggestion for the films

the dark knight
shaun of the dead
the departed
??Mr. E??
finding nemo

What would want you show?

Good list! :slight_smile:

Hot Fuzz would be good in an allnighter, but prob a bit too close to shaun of the dead!

I thought the All 90s AllNighter was only there because we couldn’t find good enough recent films?
Not that I’m against an AllNoughties … Quite the contrary, I think it could be billed as the “cinematographic event of the decade” :smiley:

It was indeed. It was a last ditch attempt to avoid having to cancel the AllNighter that term (back then the AllNighter films weren’t scheduled until a month or so before and by then there were no good new releases left). It did OK in the end if not spectacularly and avoided bankrupting the society.

That was back in the days when narrowly avoiding bankrupting the society was an almost weekly occurrence…

(sigh) happy days…