The best Smart Car ever?

Here it is.

What do you think :?: :!:

That’s gorgeous. I want one.

I don’t. It defeats the entire purpose of the Smart, i.e. ease of parking, smallness etc.

How much easier can it be to park than to just drive straight over the top of any obstacles :?: :!:

And since when did the Smart car have a purpose :?: :mrgreen:

Who’d have thought a Smart car could be cool. :slight_smile:

I want one!

Sarcasm doesn’t carry well sometimes on the forums. Is this one of those times? :?

I am not being sarcastic lol. It looks like a smart car gone wild!

Me neither. That really is quite cool.

I like the way that i commenced the thread, yet suffered no vilification :!:

Why would you?

Everyone else who voiced positives got brow beaten by the NT master :!: