The Chronicles of Narnia

Interesting to note that Prince Caspian is getting a higher rating on imdb than The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe did. Currently a difference of 0.6 in its favour sitting at 7.7 against The Lion’s 7.1.

Admittedly it is (at the time of typing) 62,000 votes behind, but it’s a promising start. Perhaps the fact that it’s not as well read at the former film makes the film more enjoyable :?: :!:

To be fair, Narnia 1 had a couple of cringeworthy elements (to mention just one, Father Christmas appearing) which put it into the “ridiculous stuff for kids” category.
Narnia 2 (in fact the fourth book), judging from the book at least, does not have those elements, so there’s probably less negative voting.
Also, the book is a favourite amongst readers (my personal fav is book 3, but then I’m weird) and has more scope for big battles.
Plus, seemingly, they have not been as painfully faithful to the very details of the book as in the first instalment…
Personally, I’m anticipating Narnia 2 about as much as The Dark Knight.

PS: Overtaking Rachel with this post 8)

It does look like it will be better than the first one. The Empire review is online now:

3 stars

Full review is here: