The Dark Knight has actually won some awards

The Dark Knight has finally won some well deserved awards at the Empire awards. Here is a list of the winners. I am not quite sure how RocknRolla beat Son of Rambow to best British film, I thought it was a waste of 2 hours of my life!

Possibly the fact that Rambow was a multinational coproduction where RnR was UK only had something to do with it?

It’s nice to see The Dark Knight recognised but I disagree with some of the others.

I’m not sure why Gemma Arterton got the best newcomer. I didn’t think she was very good in Quantum of Solace and she was barely in Rock’n Rolla.

Also there choice of best horror was a bit odd. I haven’t seen the Strangers but the Orphanage was easily the best of the other four. To be honest I’d have thought Eden Lake was the weakest of the lot. :?