The Dark Knight Rises

Lots of Batman news today. The title for the new film will be The Dark Knight Rises and the villain will NOT be the Riddler. The Empire article is here.


The cat’s out of the bag now!

Not sure what I think about the news. Catwoman is a little predictable as the villain but, given Rachel Dawes’s death in The Dark Knight, it does make a lot of sense for the overall narrative. I have a hard time picturing Anne Hathaway as Catwoman but I guess I could have said the same thing about Heath Ledger as the Joker.

The news that Tom Hardy is playing Bane is pretty unexpected though. :shock

On the contrary, I think that Anne Hathaway fits the bill quite well in terms of looks, although I’m struggling to think of anything I’ve seen her in where’s has sass or cattiness. Maybe Princess Diaries? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hadn’t even heard of Bane until the news, but this need-to-know info has made me warm to the idea.
I still think Penguin could have been more interesting, but I suppose that Nolan doesn’t want to overlap Burton so much. There’s also the bias of my limited knowledge about the Batverse…

Have you not seen Get Smart?!

[quote=‘Roberto’ pid=‘31432’ dateline=‘1295575232’]Have you not seen Get Smart?!

I have actually (at WSC), but didn’t think it was particularly indicative of sass or the like from what I remember. If it was supposed to be, then she clearly wasn’t that great at it!

I have actually (at WSC), but didn’t think it was particularly indicative of sass or the like from what I remember. If it was supposed to be, then she clearly wasn’t that great at it!

Wtf!?!! She spent the first half of the film insulting Steve Carrell :roll::roll:

Have you stopped watching the beginning of films now due to the far higher fatality rate at the end? :twisted:

Afraid I’m with Owen on this (sort of). She was great in Get Smart but I didn’t think her performance was much like how I’d expect Catwoman to be. I don’t really think its about sass, I’d expect catwoman to seem more predatorial (if that makes any sense). A bit like Angelina Jolie in Wanted.

True, true… but then again, I wouldn’t have said many of the previous incarnations of Catwoman represent one another too well: Michelle the pfied piper and Halle Berry?

On a side note - whenj looking for more Catwomen of notable note (I didn’t find any), I came across this most wonderful of titles:

I also didn’t know of Bane (my Batman knowledge was predominantly based on the most awesome TV series of them all!), but I like TotalFilm’s piece - it may be slightly biased (I think it probably is), but it does fill me with even more excitement for ‘Rises’.

Christopher Nolan’s signed another of his Inception cast up to the third Batman project, but who could it be?

Oh, this is who!

Sweet, I was hoping Nolan would find a space for him :slight_smile:

Apparently they’re already planning a reboot after the Dark Knight Rises…

An interesting Empire blog about the boom and bust of superhero franchises.

Interesting article. It occurred to me while reading it though that, since they’re so reboot happy at the moment, why not make more films that kill off the hero. They know they’re rebooting Batman already so does it really make a difference if Bruce Wayne dies? I’d have thought it would be good for publicity and would give them a different type of story other than origins, quiting or going dark.

[size=]I seem to recall I suggested killing off John McClane in different post too.[/size]

First image of Tom Hardy as Bane:

More character developments… Potential spoilers.

Possibly a full release of the plot?

WARNING: Contains Spoliers, or entirely false spoilers!!!

The first image of Catwoman has been released now too:

More spoilery stuff - and this is complete with video of explosions!!!