The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

We may have an early contender for Best Foreign Language film for 2011.

We may also have a top contender for the Front of House social on Tuesday, week 1 of the hols!!!

I’ve just read the book, tis a good story! :slight_smile:

It does sound interesting. I hadn’t heard about the franchise until a few weeks ago but apparently its pretty huge (and in the best traditions of filmsoc controversial).

Yeah, I became intrigued also after reading the Empire review a week ago. Has deffo got my vote for FoH social :slight_smile:


I wanted something in English.

As a non-member, I can’t influence decisions. Still, I’d stand by Ed on this. An English film would be cool :smiley:

Disappointingly it isn’t listed on next week’s schedule for the Odeon (or the Showcase for that matter). Not looking good for it being on in the Coventry area in the holidays. :frowning:


Looks like a Hollywood remake is already being planned.

Hollywood remake! Oh god no!
I’ll look into arranging a social to see it next term if people are interested.

Daniel Craig and… some woman?

Ah well, the plots are strong and David Fincher wouldn’t make a bad film, nor one about Facebook, would he?! :blush:

I think i’ll give them a fair go though - intrigued as to whether they’ll keep it in Sweden in English, or just fully relocate.

According to the Empire article it will be filmed in Sweden so I guess its still set there.

I’m probably going to give it a miss to be honest. The Swedish film was very good so I don’t really see what a remake would add to it.

I guess it makes it more amenable when you’re too tired to read and think properly!!!

Empire posted a link to a YouTube leak of the US red band trailer of the remake. Looks pretty good (although rather shot-for-shot)

Strange that its described as a leak. I saw it at the cinema on Saturday before Hangover 2…

It does look very similar to the original just with different cast.

Oh, that is odd. Clearly Empire don’t get out to the cinema enough :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice to see that for once Hollywood’s not going to tone everything down with an American language (intentional!) remake: