The Happening

I saw The Happening last night. Its one of the silliest films I’ve ever seen. Any film that makes the core look scientifically sound is in trouble.

It’s a shame really because it seemed to have potential and was at times quite scary.

Oh my.

yeeees, i know the girl who went with laura (who’s reviewing ofr us next year) and apparnetly it was toooootally terrible.

Maybe we should take it off the schedule.

I don’t think there is any need for that. We have shown and will show films far worse than it and as long as people come its worth showing anyway.

Well even if it is awful, it’s Shayamalan, or whatever the spelling is, and people who have failed to see it in commercial cinemas will probably come to watch it at WSC.
It’s not a double, so I reckon we should keep it on the schedule.

yeah, and we can plug it to people and planet and the like as its kinda eco-thriller-y. :lol: ( sorry, the emoticon is purely included cos i like the wibbly lip!)