The Hunt for Gollum

looks pretty awesome. I had heard about it through a leaflet out of London’s Forbidden Planet, but from the trailer it looks pretty awesome (and aside from Arwen, all characters resemble the trilogy’s). You can find trailers here
The full length film will be available for download from the 3rd of May. Pretty awesome.

[size=7]Disclaimer for Aiden: This is not Dark Knight awesome but still pretty awesome[/size]

The traillers do look cool. I’m still a bit sceptical though. Its quite ambitious and could well end up being let down by acting or production standards.

Apologies Pierre, I had to edit away your code - you’d obviousy been in html mode and left in the quotation marks!

I think the guy has an uncanny likeness to Viggo… but admit that i’m v sceptical of this sort of release… though nice to see that there is life after LARPS :!:

Heh cheers for editing Rob.
It’s not official, but it does ask the question - why go to New Zealand when you have vistas in Wales?
(and black sheep too)
We’ll see on the 3rd what it’s worth. A similar project, called Ancanar, was not finished. The trailer looked awesome though! This is an extended scene with trailer at the end, and the music is quite cool too!

The film is available in streaming here. The voices are not very loud, but you can use subtitles, so it’s all good!
The production value here is impressively high. If it weren’t for the story being a tad meh, this could have been made by Peter Jackson!

Wow, i’ve not got the time to watch that properly now, but i’m definitely going to have to set aside 40 mins sometime or other - it looks pretty good :slight_smile: