The Incredible Hulk

Hulk 2 review is online:

3 stars. Better than Hulk 1 but still only allright.

Yeah, but the trailer looks amazin. ‘There are aspects of my personality that I can’t control’ It’s like a marvel version of fight club… mind, I suppose a lot of marvel’s works are a version of fight club… But this one has the man himself Ed Norton!.. and Tim Roth! Imagine if instead of Liv Tyler, it was Juleitte Lewis… that would be a dynamite cast, totally wild.

The trailer did look quite good although this balances out with my feeling that the Hulk is a bit silly even by comic book standards. As Ed Nortons in it though I think people will come along reguardless.

I’m quite dissapointed, but not with Edward. He was the only good thing about that film. My friends said it was a little bit too actiony and absolutely nothing else… which is a very bad sign. Its not even so bad that its good. Or funny or cute like spidey or iron man. The bits in brazil are amazin though - they should have just shot the whole thing there and it might have all been okay.

It may not be so bad after all…

It’s done pretty well at the US Box Office, so things could be worse!

I just saw it and actually quite enjoyed it. FAR better than the first one and sits well with the other Marvel comic book films. Although it’s not the greatest comic book film ever, it is enjoyable to watch (and it has Tony Stark in it :slight_smile: ).