The Spirit

:shock: Oh no! I’ll be missing this to go to my dad’s birthday meal. Do those of you watching it mind saying your favourite bit / quote? :slight_smile:

I think my favourite part was when the credits started rolling.





I’ll watch it and send you some good quotes, Nat, unlike these other meanies :slight_smile:

(if i still wield the ability to use a keyboard, that is)

I quite like the fight with the toilet :slight_smile:

The Spirit: Somebody find me a tie! I don’t care what kind, but by God, it had better be red!

Silken Floss: We knew there had to be a better way of keeping someone alive other than cutting them up like some free-range chicken.
The Octopus: Eurgh. Free-range chickens with their big brown ugly-ass eggs. They piss me off. Every time I think about those big brown eggs they piss. Me. Off.
Silken Floss: Or pills.

(If you haven’t seen the film, they probably son’t sound thattt funny. But they are.)

The Octopus: “NO! EGG! ON! MY! FACE!..not a glob!”

I can’t remember the context for the life of me, but I recall this being highly amusing when we saw it 8)

It’s the bit where one of the petri-dish people has brought him the wrong box - kinda leads into the plot for the last three quarters of the film :wink: