The 'Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual' thread

I’m fed up with the ‘Doctor Who’ thread, so I’ve started this vastly superior thread. Post your thoughts on Star Trek - particularly the technical manuals* - here.

*There’s a ‘Deep Space Nine’ manual as well

What is a Star Trek technical manual?

I hear they were written by wookies :roll:

It’s what you’d expect. A manual showing diagrams of the technology in Star Trek and explanations of how everything works. :slight_smile:

No wookies, though. :frowning:

Talking about advanced technology, look what Physicists have created. BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Experts unveil 'cloak of silence' I think I have found the answer to our little STM fiasco with chemistry.

I want a personal cloaking device! Actually, there is some information about cloaking devices in the ‘Deep Space Nine’ Technical Manual because the USS Defiant has one.

I want one too! Now if we can Giovanni to postpone his research until the cloaking device is realised we’ll be sorted!

Better than the cloaking device, the perception filter :roll:

Smoooooth! Turning the Star Trek thread back to Doctor Who. :slight_smile: I wouldn’t say tonight’s episode was scarier than Blink, but approaching it.

That would explain why I didn’t get the reference.


Smoooooth! Turning the Star Trek thread back to Doctor Who. :slight_smile:

That would explain why I didn’t get the reference.[/quote]

Oh, The Mac! Maybe Aiden is right and your powers really are fading… :shock:

I would argue that the Mac has better control of his power and knowing Doctor who ref is probably not worthy of his power. :lol:

Please. If that’s not worthy of his power, then, surely, Star Trek is not. :wink:

Not about The Next Generation, but still quite amusing…

The manual is referenced in a BBC News article today:

Having (finally) finished the Voyager part of mine and Natalie’s Star Trek marathon I can now reveal the final stats for the series.

By the end they had:
*]Fired at least 99 photon torpedoes (despite only having 40 to start with)
*]Destroyed at least 13 shuttle craft
*]Missed 10 definite clear opportunities to go home

The worrying conclusion… I seem to take this far more seriously than the writers do. :frowning: