The World's End

First trailer:

Not really what I expected, but then I don’t really know what I expected.

Yeah, it doesn’t look in the same league as Shaun or the Fuzz :-/

Given that they haven’t made a film together in 6 years, if it’s half as good as Fuzz I’ll be happy.

It looks a fair bit worse than Paul too.

I liked Paul, seriously don’t get why people say it’s so inferior. I’d say also it’s really unfair to judge it before it’s out.

Agreed - we shall have to wait and see.

Disagreed - I was commenting on how it looked, not stating that the film was bad.

The whole point of a trailer is to sell the film - and if anything, that trailer has somewhat put me off the film.

Perhaps true - but we should definitely judge the company that they contracted to make that trailer!

I’m really failing to see what the issue with that trailer was.

Apologies - I shan’t express my personal opinion again.

This is why I don’t watch trailers any more.