They just fucked with the wrong Mexican!

Apparently Robert Rodriguez is planning to turn Machete (one of the fake Grindhouse trailers) into a full length film!

If the article wasn’t exciting enough, it also says he’s completed a script for Predators (a reboot of the Predator franchise). :smiley:

That’s the kind of news I want to start ever day with.

That is fabulous news…

…now all we need is this one to undergo the same treatment, and we’ll be there :slight_smile:

This too. It even has the Ode to Joy. :slight_smile:

Now i know where i recognised the guy in the machete trailer…

…he’s one of the hired goons in the devil’s rejects, as well as being the bartender in anchorman :slight_smile:

He was also in some of Robert Rodriguez’s other films like Desperado, Once upon a time in Mexico and From Dusk Till Dawn.

[size=9]Normally one post is sufficient Rob.[/size] :slight_smile:

My apologies - i don’t actually know how that happened :? It has now been deleted accordingly :slight_smile:

There’s a new trailer for Machete here. Quite impressive how topical it is given that it was filmed some time ago.

That looks awesome! :smiley:

Didn’t realise how many big names were attached to it. DeNiro, Seagal, Alba…
Most of all though I’m loving Jeff Fahey (Lost’s Frank Lapidus).
But Lindsay Lohan . . . wtf?!

They’ve now released a set of posters :slight_smile:

Well, on the up side, she won’t be involved in any of the publicising, will she?! :twisted:

[size=]*for students[/size]

Well, on the up side, she won’t be involved in any of the publicising, will she?! :twisted:[/quote]

Ooh, I don’t see why not. They could go for the badass lesbian sidekick angle or something. In an interview. From her prison cell.

Empire also cite a release date (Oct 29), which is the first one I’ve been able to find, so assuming that it doesn’t get pushed back some more(!) this is heading right for a slot in the Spring AllNighter :smiley:

Nice little piece about it from the BBC in Venice…

I definitely would not have expected them to have been “kind of” thinking about it for that long :!: