They're doing it again

You know that thing that Hollywood does once or twice a year where several big names make similar films to compete against each other?
E.g. Deep Impact and Armageddon, (insert others that I can’t think of right now) and then recently Despicable Me and MegaMind.

Well, they’re doing it again. See trailers for next year’s massive Sci Fi blockbusters After Earth and Oblivion, both of which are about a post-apocalyptic Earth set far into the future that has been depopulated for one reason or another.

So the question is - which one is going to be better? Given that Oblivion is starring Tom Cruise I would very much like to put my money on After Earth (which has Will and Jaden Smith as it’s protagonists). However, After Earth is also being directed by none other than the notorious M. Night Shyamalan… :S Whilst Oblivion has the director of Tron: Legacy…

I think the only answer is to keep my money firmly in my pocket.

Tis a genuine coin toss.

Though I believe you may have made one mistake Mr Green:

The question is more likely to be - which one is going to be worse?!

Why is there a giant ant on the Oblivion poster?

I think that they seem to believe that futuristic space-craft will be shaped like ants…?

I feel that After Earth could be ok, but Oblivion just looks awful.

Not that I have high hopes about either.