Time Warp again!

They are going to remake Rocky Horror!!! What is the point!! http://www.empireonline.com/news/story.asp?NID=22976

That’s disgusting. What’s wrong with the original? They’re just going to spoil everything…

I’m with Winskill. No one can beat Tim Curry in tights. And Richard O Brian!!!

Sigh. It will be a travesty

I just watched it at the weekend. I planned to just have it on in the background while I tidied, but… sighs Tim Curry in makeup and basque. I was transfixed. :shock:

I plan to watch the sequel soon. :slight_smile:

BBC have an article about it now as well:

Apparently its going to have its UK premiere on Sky Movies. :shock:

There’s an updated article now:


This just seems to get more and more controversial.