Transformers 3

…just got more interesting:

Admittedly, that wasn’t the hardest thing to do for it :!:

:shock: That’s a little unexpected.

Still don’t think it’s raised my expectations for the film particularly. I kind of expect Malkovich’s role to be swallowed up in a maelstrom of explosions and gun fire.

Has set up the notion of a new film for me though:

“Being Michael Bay”


Michael Bay as Michael Bay
CGI peeps
SoundFX guys
Lighting guys
Explosions peeps

Oh, i appear to have omitted any credits for script or cast… can’t imagine why :roll:

Don’t forget Megan Fox.

Yes, forget the crap that is Megan Fox.

This is a wonderful April Fool’s joke- Transformers 3 isn’t really happening. cough cough

Looks like Michael Bay did though.


What a shame - I was taking this film seriously until this news came out :huh:

Seemingly, it’s Fox who walked out.
I didn’t think she’d have the taste to do that, considering how scantily clad she is…

And now the most important question of all, as posed by Total Film :slight_smile:

Looks like a replacement for Megan Fox may have been found. Doesn’t seem like a million miles away from the Megan Fox character and will surely appeal to the same audience!

It has made an absolute f**k-tonne of money :frowning:

It has been Independence Day weekend in America (which I believe normally helps cinemas) but it’s still a bit ridiculous. Did everyone else see a different Transformers 2 to me? :s

True that, but it’s now doing even better, with well over $200 million dollars taken outside of America, bringing its total to about $400 million in the first week globally.

And as for Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and Peru… well, I’ll leave you to decide, but this short article explains it all!

To make matters worse, we’re not much better, gifting it over £10 million ourselves :frowning:

Now, this on the other hand is exciting…

for Transformers 4?The Stath

Though better still, Michael Bay might not be involved!!!