Tron Legacy

Freakin’ sick new trailer (with Daft Punk score) on facebook.

The Empire review is finally online. Based on what they’ve written, it seems kind of unreasonable for them to conclude at 3 stars and not 4. But it sounds as though it’s gone down much better with the general public than the critics who are too bogged down in plot and not enough in the techno fun funs.

I’m still looking forward to seeing it :slight_smile:

It’s a similar story with the Total Film review.

I saw it the other day. The plot wasn’t the greatest but I actually really enjoyed watching it which I guess is all that matters in the end.

Thoroughly meh. It had its highs, it had more lows. It was basically just a little bit incoherent: trying to integrate quite a few elements of the old film (which were poorly introduced, especially the title character) with new ideas that were either too outside-the-box or cliché. I think this is the outcome of a remake-come-sequel which can’t make up its mind which one it wants to be.
The 3D was thoroughly underused for a film which it seems perfectly suited for, and the rest of the sfx were far from groundbreaking or game-changing or what-have-you. The disc arenas and grid bike battle were by far the best and funnest parts.
I actually thought the plot was quite passable, and a simplied version would fit well in the canon of Tron. But as it was, it was just a bit overcooked.
Best bits of acting were actually Olivia Wilde and Michael Sheen, I think. Hedlund and Bridges just weren’t as believable; probably cos Jeff was too busy trying to bring in The Dude, which didn’t fit with this film.

I think the biggest flaw for me was that a lot of the explanations of things were just glossed over as if we should know it already. I hate to say it, but this Tron could have learnt something from Avatar’s (overindulgent) exploration of a brand new world for the lead character in order to familiarise the audience with it too. Without it, it’s so much harder to empathise and engage.

Sorry for ranting, but I just wanted to get it all out there since I’ve been looking forward to this film for quite a while and inevitably it let me down. Sigh…

I liked this movie a lot more the second time round :slight_smile: perhaps I’d lowered my expectations or whatever, but it was much more enjoyable for me on Friday night. And the 3D really does nothing for it; it’s just as good in two dimensions.

On a spoofing note, Weebls’ Stuff are producing their annual series of Goovies, and the latest was Eggacy. Enjoy!

Yeah, I agree with Owens latest post on this one. Having had pretty low expectations (though in my case, I hadn’t seen it previously), I actually really enjoyed it… until the last three minutes! Well, I guess you can’t have everything, huh?!

…and moving on, there’s a ten minute teaser out for TR3N, showing both what happened in the gap between the two films, and what’s coming next :slight_smile:

…and more info on the progression of the franchise:

Personally I don’t see why you wouldn’t if the second one made $400million profit worldwide, but hey… The Hobbit, Bond 23, etc.

I can see why a sequel would make sense to Disney but I don’t think the franchise particularly needs one. Plot wasn’t exactly Tron Legacy’s strong point so it’s hard to see how you could build on that.

Hmm, I wouldn’t really object to one. I found Legacy to be fairly inoffensive (despite one of my earlier posts on this thread…), and it very much has a ‘franchise’ feel to it, meaning they’ll keep finding areas of the Tron world to ‘explore’ in order to exploit its popularity.
There was also a recent article on the Empire site about the future of Tron which says there’s a cartoon spin-off in the works subtitled Uprising, apparently set between Tron original and Legacy.

I doubt a third installment will either be that good or that bad. It’s just a shame they’ve kinda missed out on the excitement of calling it ‘TRON: 3D’ like many other franchises by its predecessor already using 3D.